New EP and music videos

by I, Delusionist


After independently creating our first two releases with limited resources, we now aim to professionally execute our next project with your support.

CHF 1’045

17% of CHF 6’000

17 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 11/10/2023

What are our plans?

Our plan is to launch a new EP with your support and accompany it with two well-produced music videos. Over the past few years, we have already created our debut album «Catharsis» and the subsequent EP «Downfall» on a limited budget and with a lot of self-commitment. Now, we aim to produce a new EP with six completely new, brutal, and dark songs, with a bit more external assistance. Our goal is to give our sound an even more professional touch and complement the release with high-quality music videos.

With the new songs, we want to evolve and emphasize the balance between brutal rhythm passages, epic orchestral soundscapes, and impressive lead guitars even more than in our previous releases. Your support would help us take a big step forward with our next release and further develop as a band and musicians.

  • I, Delusionist are...
    I, Delusionist are...
  • Dino (Vocals)
    Dino (Vocals)
  • Fabian (Guitar)
    Fabian (Guitar)
  • Roman (Guitar)
    Roman (Guitar)
  • Mirco (Bass)
    Mirco (Bass)
  • Robin (Drums)
    Robin (Drums)
  • From left to right: Roman, Robin, Dino, Fabian, Mirco
    From left to right: Roman, Robin, Dino, Fabian, Mirco

Why do we need your support?

After the long hiatus due to the pandemic, we were finally able to return to the stage, but we had to make various investments in live equipment. Additionally, last year, we had to leave our old rehearsal space and find a new one, which also incurred costs and left a gap in our band’s finances.

In Switzerland, cultural funding primarily focuses on classical and pop music, making it difficult for us as an extreme metal band to access grants. That’s why we decided to launch this project through Wemakeit. In order to realize our new project with the desired quality and be able to compete with other bands, we need your support. In return, you will soon be presented with seven new songs and two new music videos.

We have prepared some special and limited rewards for you: In addition to exclusive merchandise and other options, you can also spend an evening playing FIFA with us on our couch in the rehearsal room, toast with us during an EP pre-listening session, enjoy a private concert, or if you or your band needs a new logo, our guitarist Roman, who also designed our band logo, can create one for you.

How will we use the funds?

With your support, regardless of the amount, we will finance the recording and production of the six songs, including a feature with a guest vocalist, as well as the production of the two music videos. Additionally, we would like to produce a small edition of CDs to have a physical product that showcases the artwork better, which we plan to commission from a well-known artist in the scene.

Our rough breakdown is as follows:

Recording, mixing, and mastering in the studio for 6 songs: $3000 Music videos for 2 songs: $2500 Production of physical digipacks: $500

Anything beyond our budget goal (promotion, artwork, features, etc.) will be covered by any surplus or privately funded.