We wanna give girls coming from very underdeveloped areas in Mozambique a new home, where they are loved and open the door to a great future without suffer of hunger, thirst or untreatable sickness!

CHF 4’500

136% of CHF 3’300

136 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 16/1/2020

ElevateAfrica needs your help

ElevateAfrica is a non-profit organisation which is busy with a community development project in District Moamba, province Maputo in Mozambique. Brandon Mushunje runs the project together with his wife Katie and 3 other co-workers. ElevateAfrica built up a centre for elderly people, who were abandoned by their families and friends. Some of them were sick, are blind or just too old to take care of themselves. ElevateAfrica gives them a home, where they are loved and get everything they need.

In January 2020 are coming 9 young girls to the centre, coming from very rural background. ElevateAfrica wants to give also those girls a better home and wants to open them a door to a great future.

What we are fundraising for...

Since it is very hard to find support in Mozambique for projects like ours, we couldn’t find sponsors to cover the costs for the equipment of the girls’ rooms neither for their school books, school uniforms and hygienic articles. That’s why we are launching this crowdfunding campaign - with the hope for your support, so that we can make the centre a comfortable and safe home for the girls as well as for the elderly.

List of the missing costs:

  • furniture for girls’ rooms CHF 1500.00
  • school material CHF 1800.00
  • school uniforms CHF 800.00

Total CHF 4100.00

What else has still to be done?

There is still no electricity on the whole campus, no kitchen, no running water, so that’s other things, we are busy with right now. But we are also building up a wall, which surrounds the whole campus to make it a safe and secure place for the girls and the elderly.

Where does the money come from for all that?

Since ElevateAfrica is a non-profit organisation, Brandon and his team don’t get a salary for their work, so they cannot finance the project themselves. All the money they need for the project comes from sponsors. Their biggest sponsor is the swiss non-profit organisation 4Africa. But unfortunately the donations ElevateAfrica got so far are not enough to achieve the goal of making the centre a convenient home for the girls and the elderly by latest January 2020.

So we invite you to go this journey with us.!