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  • CHF 20.- ’Ocean Memories’ Necklace 13 takenä

    ’Ocean Memories’ Necklace

    In true ZERO-WASTE style, I love combing the beach and collecting little curiosities I find in the sand, which I turn into art. For your support, you will receive a unique hand-crafted necklace, comprised of a teeny-tiny 1cm glass jar with a cork top, filled with small shells and sand I collected just for you! Carry a bit of the beach with you each day - and remember that we are fighting ocean pollution together!

  • CHF 30.- Postcard 4 takenä


    You’ve got mail! For your support, you’ll receive a personalized postcard from me, with my favorite current ZERO-WASTE recipe on the back. In the age of email and Instagram, sometimes an old-fashioned approach is just what the doctor ordered! Don’t forget to check the letterbox!

  • CHF 30.- Branded Cotton Shopping Bag 10 takenä

    Branded Cotton Shopping Bag

    You will receive a New Wave Cooking sustainably-sourced cotton shopping bag (38x42cm) with a special twist - each bag's logo is HAND PAINTED by me - making it as unique as you are! A great and practical item to keep around at all times, to help you say NO to plastic and paper bags when out shopping.

  • CHF 50.- 4 Online Cooking Classes 34 takenä

    4 Online Cooking Classes

    This crowdfunding isn’t a one-off project - New Wave Cooking is here to stay! In that spirit, I’d like to offer you 4 live online cooking classes (normally a CHF 80 value!) and share my ZERO-WASTE techniques with you! Get ready to reimagine what the ingredients in your fridge can become!

  • CHF 60.- Ticket to Larnaca Conference 0 takenä

    Ticket to Larnaca Conference

    For your contribution, FORMWELT will offer you a ticket to the Larnaca Eco Conference!
    Want to get inspired by forward-thinking leaders, or bring your own ideas on sustainability to the table? Then this one's for you!

    It's a ticket for the 6th of November, I will be speaking as well.
    The Larnaca Conferences, established in 2018, focus on THE prevailing topics of our age. They function as a social sculpture. The goal is not necessarily to find more answers, we have enough of that. What we need is active, intelligently directed interaction between people of different backgrounds, education, worldviews. What we need is human superintelligence. Togetherness with a purpose - and shared success.

  • CHF 80.- Private Online Cooking Class 2 takenä

    Private Online Cooking Class

    The VIP Treatment! For your support, Chef Jo will join you (virtually) in your own kitchen, to answer your questions and offer guidance as you prepare a Zero-Waste meal (of your choosing!) together. Benefit from a one-on-one experience you're sure to remember! Limited to one meal / three courses.

  • CHF 150.- 1 Year of free Access 19 takenä

    1 Year of free Access

    Whether for yourself, a family member, or a friend, 1 year of free access to my Online Cooking Classes ( approx. 50 per year!) and Digital Recipe Library shows that ZERO-WASTE cooking is as important for you, as it is for me. Let's save the planet - one meal at a time. Spread the word!

  • CHF 200.- Pro Online Consulting 0 takenä

    Pro Online Consulting

    Are you a food-industry professional looking to implement ZERO-WASTE techniques in your kitchen? I’m ready to help! You’ll get an online consulting session with me, during which we will create a Zero-Waste plan tailored to your business! After that, we’ll have a second session, where we will measure the impact of our plan, and adjust it accordingly. Grab this offer now – and save money, and the planet!

  • CHF 300.- Godparent to my Cutiepies 1 takenä

    Godparent to my Cutiepies

    Want to be named official godmother or godfather to Runa(Dog) or Louis(Cat)?

    You’ll get to choose a second name for them and can ask for an update on their lives whenever you are interested! Maybe they’ll even send you a postcard or two - provided they learn how to write...

  • CHF 500.- Romantic Dinner on S/V Joya 3 / 10 takenä

    Romantic Dinner on S/V Joya

    You've never had a behind-the-scenes experience like this! Join me on my floating home, Sailing Vessel JOYA, in the Mediterranean Sea, for a private dinner cruise. Once you arrive, I will prepare a unique meal just for you and your guests (up to 3 persons total) on board, and spend an evening sharing the realities of cooking my way around the world with you, as we cruise along the coast. Looking forward to meeting you!

  • CHF 1’000.- ZERO-WASTE Hero 3 takenä


    Take your love of ZERO-WASTE cooking to the NEXT LEVEL. For your amazing generosity, you’ll receive LIFETIME access to New Wave Cooking’s classes and library, our ecological shopping bag, a personal online meeting with me, and a special honor – your name inscribed on a teak plaque adorning Joya’s Galley, so that you can travel the seas with me every day! Don’t forget – your donation is tax-deductible!

  • CHF 2’000.- ZERO-WASTE Superhero 2 takenä

    ZERO-WASTE Superhero

    You might be the best thing to happen to ZERO-WASTE cooking since the movement was started! At this level – you’ve got it all. Lifetime access to New Wave Cooking (classes & library), an ecological shopping bag, two personal online meetings with me, your name engraved on S/V Joya, and…a standing invitation for you and 3 guests to join me onboard for a bespoke 5-course dinner!

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