Make ZERO-WASTE Online Cooking Classes, with Pro Chef Jo a reality - and save the planet from your own kitchen! Reimagine food, reduce pollution, eat healthy, and save money too. What’s not to love!

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Save the Planet – One Meal at a Time.

Hello! I’m Jo, a professional Chef from Switzerland. I want to create New Wave Cooking, an online cooking school and community, focused on ZERO-WASTE cooking techniques. You’ll discover brilliant strategies and recipes using every part of a plant or cut-of-meat, to create beautiful and sustainable meals in your own kitchen, that save time, money, and the planet too.


From ocean plastic pollution, to global hunger, to deforestation in the Amazon, food production is a root cause of many social and ecological crises. Despite the damage done to produce food, 20-30% of it goes to waste. There are many causes for food waste, but one of the major sources remains us – the consumer. From a lack of preparation ideas, to not knowing what we really can and cannot eat, we throw millions of tonnes of good food away. Let’s change that!


Together, we can do something about this. Your body, mind, and wallet will thank you!

Through my weekly, live and interactive online cooking classes, you’ll discover how to use each part of an ingredient - getting the most out of what you buy. Imagine – using what you used to consider «trash» to create meals! Why is this important? Because the parts (peel, sprouts, bones, leaves, etc.) which we often discard contain the highest nutritional value!


Travelling the world while discovering ingredients, techniques, and traditions allows me to open my horizons, and bring the best creative and sustainable techniques to my kitchen, and to my future viewers too!

Our sailboat also reduces our carbon footprint, producing its own water and electricity from the sea and sun. Living small also keeps things simple. If I can prepare something in a 2 square-meter boat kitchen, then anyone can prepare it – anywhere. No fancy gadgets necessary, just creativity and a passion for good food!

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Ever tried Carrot-Leaf Pesto? How about Carrot Skin Chips?
Ever tried Carrot-Leaf Pesto? How about Carrot Skin Chips?

What makes us Special?

There are many ecological projects around - but ours is truly unique. Why? Because most of us eat 2 to 3 times a day.

Becoming more ecological in the kitchen makes a REAL and TANGIBLE impact, multiple times a day. How efficiently you buy and use ingredients has a direct impact on carbon emissions, deforestation, and ocean pollution.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to eat less, or skip your favorite treats either. It’s all about HOW you cook, not only what you cook.

Got Leftovers? Upcycle them into homemade Ravioli!
Got Leftovers? Upcycle them into homemade Ravioli!

How Your Support Helps

Despite having tacked together a pretty basic WIX site, I’ll need some considerable support to begin weekly online cooking classes, a forum, and a digital recipe library.

Your contribution will go toward setting up the online hosting/streaming platform, and getting together the physical hardware needed as well (cameras, drone, server, mounts, newer computer for editing/streaming, software, etc.). This will allow me to ensure reliable and high-quality cooking classes, and to spread the ZERO-WASTE message no matter where I am in the world.

While my partner and I have already spent almost 1 year of weekends and most of our savings fixing up our sailboat, the kitchen (Galley) still needs to be completely rebuilt. To make this more complicated, the boat’s engine and electrical panel is also located in the kitchen. For this (plumbing, gas lines, drainage, pumps, etc) we will likely get some professional help.

Once we have the place and the digital platform ready, I’ve got LOADS of ideas, recipes, and ZERO-WASTE cooking tips to share with you!!

There should be an oven here, I think!
There should be an oven here, I think!