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My project. What it is about?

Everybody would like to be able to live thanks to his passion

Perform and produce music are things belonging to my everyday life. A lot of of capacities are necessary to DJing even if the DJ isn’t often considered as a musician.

What I would like is to increase my capacities in DJing. Whether it is to perform or to produce my skills aren’t at their maximum level and that’s why I want to spend a year in specialized DJing studies.

These studies are very elaborate. Their price isn’t negligible and that’s why I need you ! The school is in London and this city is one of the most expensive to find accommodations and live in Europa. That’s why it is impossible for me to finance the entire year by myself.

So if you believe in me and if you want to help a young artist to launch into his dream do not hesitate to support and especially share this project to the largest audience !

Thank you very much ! See you soon !

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This is why I need support

I need your financially help… The whole studies year cost more than 12’000£. That amounts to more than CHF 15’000. Accommodations, transport and food costs are added to the whole budget. London has very high prices in comparaison with other Europeans cities.



SUPERPRIZE FOT THE BEST CONTRIBUTOR ! The one who’ll be the most generous will be in a featuring with me on one of my future tracks ! Example : Julian Johnson - Track Title (feat. Contributors name)

CHF 10 Facebook cover picture

Stand on my «Julian Johnson» Facebook cover picture. Your picture will take part in a mosaic of contributors pictures.

CHF 15 Single sneak preview

Receive a preview of one of my song before it is released. You’ll be the only ones to been able to listen to my track before the release date ! All the rights will stay exclusively reserved to Julian Johnson.

CHF 20 Track cover picture

Stand on of my single cover. Your picture will take part in a mosaic of contributors photos.

CHF 50 Studio Videochat

Spend a moment in the studio with me ! I’ll show you how I create a track but I’ll also be able to answer your questions.

CHF 65 Personalised «JJ» T-Shirt

Receive a personalised «Julian Johnson» T-Shirt, the size you want, black or white, with your name written on ! A unique T-Shirt!

CHF 150 Restaurant meeting

Meet me in a restaurant ! With this offer, you can see the real me without screens between us ! You’ll have the possibility to know me better and to see the person you support !