Our organic seed initiative produces diverse, reproducible plant varieties. We give local farmers an alternative to seeds provided by multinationals which need to be bought again every season.

CHF 41’185

124% of CHF 33’000

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 6/9/2020

Endspurt, noch 2 Tage!By Neelam Dutta, on 03/09/2020

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Hallo zusammen, Wir stehen kurz vor dem Abschluss unserer Kampagne in nur 2 Tagen und sind wirklich sehr dankbar und demütig mit all eure Unterstützung und Hilfe. Wir werden unsere Arbeit und unser Bestreben, eine Alternative und einen Wandel zu einem nachhaltigen Landwirtschaftssystem fortsetzen und werden uns noch mehr bemühen, erfolgreich zu sein. Nochmals vielen Dank. *** Bitte helft euren Freunden, die die Kampagne unterstützen wollten, aber bis jetzt noch keine Zeit gefunden haben!

The final stretch, 2 more daysBy Neelam Dutta, on 03/09/2020

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Hello Everyone, We are nearly finishing our campaign and only 2 days and am really very thankful and humbled with all your support and help. We will continue our work and quest to help bring back an alternative and a change to this unsustainable farming system and would thrive even harder to come out successful. Thank you once again. Keep blessing us… *** Please help your friends who wanted to support the campaign but didn´t find time till now!

Visit Pabhoi Greens - online farm tourBy Neelam Dutta, on 15/08/2020

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When: 20th of August 2020 (12:00 to 13:00 CET) Where: via Zoom we’ll visit Pabhoi Greens (Assam, India) What: online farm and seed enterprise tour with Neelam Dutta

Join us for an online farm and seed enterprise tour with Neelam Dutta, in connection with the Pabhoi Greens crowdfunding project. The predominant goals of the tour are to show you Pabhoi Greens, to explain the seed project, and to answer your questions concerning Pabhoi Greens and the crowdfunding project.

The crowdfunding project is a collaboration between Pabhoi Greens, Sativa Rheinau AG and the World Food System Centre Alumni Network (WFSCAN).

If you want to join please send a message with your name, surname and e-mail address to the following address: neelamdutta@hotmail.com and we will send you a Zoom invite.

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We want to share today the beautiful collaboration of Pabhoi Greens with the women community in Khanoma, in Nagaland. Neelam explains the importance of his collaboration. The second part of the video is a testimony of Akhono Sakhire, who is part of the farmers community.

Have a great week!

Research on Rice at Pabhoi GreensBy WFSCAN, on 06/08/2020

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At Pabhoi Greens, more than 100 rice varieties are tested. Some of them are sticky rice (e.g., Bora and Joha Bora), aromatic rice (e.g., Kunkuni and Manikimadhuri Joh), black rice (e.g., Chak Hao), and soft rice (e.g., Kumol), among many others.

Dhanyabaad, Danke, Thanks!By WFSCAN, on 03/08/2020

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We have reached 1/3 of the goal! Thanks to everyone who supported already! and please keep sharing and telling to friends and colleagues!

We have only 34 days to go! We can do it!

With love from Pabhoi Greens!

Wir haben schon 1/3 des Ziels erreicht! Danke für die Unterstützung.

Noch 34 Tage. We can do it!

Mit Liebe von Pabhoi Greens.

Seed Germination at Pabhoi GreensBy WFSCAN, on 30/07/2020

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50 backers! Thanks a lot! Danke vielmals!

Do you want to learn more? Stay connected with the project through any of the social media channels. We will share more activities from Pabhoi Greens.

Möchtest du mehr über das Projekt lernen? Folge uns auf Social Media, wo wir regelmässig Updates geben.

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Wir danken allen, die uns unterstützt haben. Und Dank auch an alle, die unsere Infos zur Crowdfunding-Kampagne geteilt haben. Merci!

Um euch ein bisschen mehr über Pabhoi Greens zu zeigen, hier ein Video, welches eine traditionelle landwirtschaftliche Methode zeigt: eine Kombination aus Fischzucht und Reisanbau. Viel Spass!


We would like to thank everyone who has supported us, also those who has shared the information about the campaign. Thanks!

To show you a bit more about Pabhoi Greens. This video is about a very old traditional farming practice in North- East India: Fish cum rice cultivation. We hope you enjoy it!