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Same People. Same place. Different perspectives.

This is the project I want to talk about. Five songs telling the story of a young man who struggles to understand the procedure of growing up. He sees his family and friends moving forward and pacing unexpectedly fast and it’s scaring him. The places that built his childhood are revisited in a new perspective to find out what he has missed out on. What have they all become ? Who have I become ? Am I really the same ?



I remember the day I told myself « I wanna become a musician, write some lyrics and sing them. I wanna be able to express myself both on paper and orally. With an instrument as well as with my own voice. I wanna put myself in a perspective that allows me to get to know myself better as a person. I wanna be creative.» shaking and barely holding my guitar. Stars all over my eyes.

In a few years I managed to make my first experiences as a musician in a few bands. I believe me they made me a better musician, and a better man. The thing is, I couldnt write my own songs and, most of all, I couldnt sing them. So I started writting, step by step, slowly but surely. And now, not only have I written my first EP entirely but also I already built up the lines that will guide me through my following creations.

Finances and rewards

This project can only see the daylight with your help. With your contribution I can record my songs at the studios « Carte Postale » In Savigny where I have the honor to work with such a dedicated person as Massimo Bonomo. He will actually be in charge of the mixing and mastering of the entire E.P. The amount of money for this project includes :

  • The expenses of the recording, mixing and mastering
  • The costs of the production and printing of the CD’s
  • The artwork of the E.P
  • All the tools used to promote the project and the audiovisual productions

Rewards have been created specially for you ! Warning : some offers are limited or unique ! Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss about some possible arrangements if something isn’t possible.

Thank you !

I believe these two words aren’t said enough and that I have to. I am nothing without the support of my fans, friends, collegues, my family and the wemakeit community (you guys). I would also like to thank all of those who not only helped me out but also supported someone else’s crowdfunding project. Thank you for talking about it all around you. Thanks for enabling musicians to take off !

I’ll leave you with a cover I did for the christmas holydays. They are all available on my soundcloud page and my mx3 page.