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Grüner Zwillings-Platz

Science, Community, and Environment


Grüner Zwillings-Platz

by Vuebelle - Verein Bee'n'Bee and

Zürich erhält einen biodiversen Zwillings-Platz. Werde stolze BesitzerIn eines Quadratmeters. Mit deiner Patenschaft* sicherst du wertvollen Lebensraum und zukunftsweisende ökologische Flächennutzung.

62 %
CHF 15’580
7 days to go
Global Science Film Festival

Science, Film, and Festival

Zürich and Basel

Global Science Film Festival

by Silvie Cuperus and Samer Angelone

Since 2017, the Global Science Film Festival brings society, filmmakers and scientists together in the cinema. Support us and help make the Film Festival 2024 an unforgettable experience for all!

104 %
CHF 7’310
14 hours to go
Expo sur les fausses couches

Exhibition, Science, and Community


Expo sur les fausses couches

by Cléa and Kalina

Aidez-nous à créer une exposition immersive et mettez-vous à la place d’une femme ou d’un couple qui perd son bébé.

95 %
CHF 7’170
4 days to go
HUMUS sapiens - short guides

Science, agriculture, and Education


HUMUS sapiens - short guides

by Julian Chollet (mikroBIOMIK), Malte Larsen, and Akvilė Paukštytė

We want to help people grow high-quality food and, at the same time, improve the fertility of the soil. For this reason, we publish short guidebooks under an open license.