THANK YOU!By postcARTs from Salzburg, on 2/3/2017 15:29

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Our project was successfully financed and we would like to thank all the people who supported us to make it happen! We are very greatful for every contribution!
After some time of collecting all the necessary information about the backers for the gifts, they are now all on their way to their destinations – we hope that they get there quickly, so you can enjoy some very special motifs from Salzburg as soon as possible!

We published all the information about the creative minds and their motifs we chose for the postcARTs online, so be curious and have a look!

The «postcARTs from Salzburg» are currently also available at more than 60 different places throughout the city of Salzburg (cafés, restaurants, museums, galeries, universities, libraries, shops, etc.). So take a careful look to spread some special impressions from Salzburg all over the world!

THE POSTCARTS WILL BE SPREAD FROM TODAY ON!By postcARTs from Salzburg, on 19/1/2017 13:36

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Exhibition at the «KunstQuartier»

Today, Jan. 19, at 18:00, the exhibition «pARTicipate! Kunst und Kultur in Salzburg» will be opened!

Over 10 initiatives will be presented in interviews, pictures, audible and visual material, key-words and info-boxes.

Spread the ART!

«postcARTs from Salzburg» will be among them and we will start spreading the ART all over the world right after the opening ceremony! (You can also join us for a drink or two – sponsored by Trumerpils!)

We are looking forward to seeing you there!!