Project Zero Circle Opening

by Project Zero Circle


We are offering 2 Performance Events for the «RAUMerOEFFNUNG» of our studio and initiatives in Basel: –ANKOMMEN Kaleidoscope, Project Zero Circle and Friends; –BEGINNINGS Music- Poetry- Movement.

CHF 5’461

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 5/11/2015


For the Opening of our project and its new performance venue here in Basel we are hosting two different performance events. We would like to step forward and ask you for your kind support with the initial expenses for these opening events. Only with your generous contribution we will be able to set off our new initiative to a successful beginning!

  • «ankommen» KALEIDOSKOPE: Project Zero Circle and Friends. Sound Art Bernd Wegener; Performance Art Elodie Brochier, Nadine Seeger; Poetry Enactment Eric van der Zwaag; Sculptural Works Johannes Sloendregt, Music Gunta Abele, Lisa Rieder; Speech and Poetry Yvonne Lachmann and U-Rhythm Eurythmy Andrea and Markus Weder.
  • 8 short performances, meet-the- artists, conversations, refreshments and snacks.
  • Saturday November 14, 2015, 2:00- 11:00pm.

  • «beginnings» MUSIC- POETRY- MOVEMENT: Performance by Project Zero Circle. Yvonne Lachmann (Speech/ Acting), Gunta Abele (Cello) and Lisa Rieder (Violin) join Andrea and Markus Weder (U- Rhythm Eurythmy) in this production. The first part consists of an interwoven sequence of poetry by Denis Levertov and the Sonata for Violin and Cello by Maurice Ravel. The outspoken beauty of this poetry acutely reflects the consciousness of our time in its spiritual meaning and in its bold structure. It is truly prophetic poetry for the 21 century. The composition by Maurice Ravel presents us with a full palette of feelings in its varied colors and moods: from delicate lyricism to moments of joyful exuberance to expressions of sorrow and pain – all parts of our existence. The second part of the program continues the exploration of our inner lives: Japanese Tankas (modern, short Haikus)and the Preludes for Violoncello by Sofia Gubaidulina. The Tankas are poignant imaginations of soul events, at times poetic and transcendent and in other instances absurd and humorous. The pieces for violoncello are contemporary, short and succinct, a lively adventure into new soul and soundscapes.
  • Friday/Saturday 4./5. december 2015, 20h00

Both events will take place in the new Project Zero Circle Studio, Untere Rebgasse 8/10, 4058 Basel.

Our Mission

Project Zero Circle and the U-Rhythm Academy cherish the spiritual wisdom of the human body in motion. By promoting social harmony and spiritual renewal, we seek to achieve individual, cultural, and global transformation. Rooted in the tradition of eurythmy as inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner and yet contemporary in artistic approach, we intend to make this art form a relevant part of today’s cultural life. We are carrying eurythmy into the future by performing internationally and educating future generations of eurythmists. Our studio serves as a performance venue and includes the U-Rhythm Academy- Eurythmy. This center will serve as a meeting place for visual, literary, and performing artists to inspire each other and for the spiritually curious and artistically inclined to build community.

Who we are

Andrea and Markus toured together internationally as performers, directors and master teachers with Eurythmy Spring Valley (from 1991- 1996) and the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble (1996- 2014). We taught for ten years as Artist-In-Residence at the Austin Waldorf School. Andrea and Markus are the founders and Artistic Directors of the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble and initiated the «Austin Youth Eurythmy Troupe» and the «International Summer Eurythmy Academy». Since 2008 they have been the Project Leaders of the new professional full-time eurythmy training «im- pulse. eurythmy, International Eurythmy Studies» in Austin, USA and Dornach, Switzerland. In 2014 we founded PROJECT ZERO CIRCLE and moved in 2015 to Basel.

What we offer

U- RHYTHM ACADEMY- EURYTHMY, a Comprehensive Eurythmy Course Programm: weekly classes, weekend intensive courses, intensive weeks, seminars and workshops. ADDITIONAL OFFERINGS: performances and other events, workshops in schools and companies, education projects, lectures, sub rentals of our studio. For more information visit

How can you help

Please be so kind to consider your generous contribution to get this campaign off the ground and reach our financial goal. We really urgently need your support, that our plans for these opening events can take place: artist fees, travel/ room/ board costs, expenses for our advertisement campaign including printed materials as well as various rental fees for the performances, all of these expenditures can only be met with your generous help. With this campaign we have to reach CHF 5400.- to cover 1/3 of the total expenditures for these events. Your donation will be crucial to host the opening events as planned and to get our project off the ground. THANK YOU!

AND, YES: we only just arrived with our initiative in Basel and need your support in various different ways: Please help to spread the word about our project in Basel, Switzerland and abroad. Share our project on your social media (like Facebook, or…) or e-mail it to your friends and family and talk about us. Word of mouth advertisement is still the best also in our days. But first and foremost meet us and participate in our events, courses and meetings and take your friends along. Send us a link with your contact details and share our link on your platform.

What will you receive from us

With your investment in our project you will get to co- own our present activities and future developments. We invite you to share your visions, impulses and questions and to co –create our initiatives and intentions. You are warmly invited to co- envision our project into the future!

AND, in addition you will of course receive from us precious and individual perks. Just study them and make the most fitting choice for yourself! THANKS for your generosity.