Projeto Suico – A lifes work

by Christina Brun and Luca Steiner


A documentary telling the story of a sustainable and fascinating charity «Projeto Suico» in Brazil. The charity supports youths and children situated in the Favelas.

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Concluded on 11/6/2014

The Project

Production of a documentary film about the charity project «Projeto Suico» in Brazil. For 12 years Erich Flückiger has committed his energy and devotion to this charity project. His achievements in Brazil are astounding. The film intends to tell the story of his work, however also in a critical manner. It will tell the story of a single man, who changed the life of many. During seven weeks we will meet many of the people whom Erich Flückiger has helped, and follow them in their everyday lives. Also we will meet with people belonging to the upper class, in order to show their perspective as well.

Our travel will span a distance of 5000km moving deep into the depths of the coutnry. This is a necessary trip, as Mr. Flückiger has helped students all over the nation of Brazil.

The film will have its premiere in the beginning of 2015.

Why do we want to make this film?

On the one hand, it is intended as a «Thank you» to Mr. Flückiger and a recognition of his work in the charity «Projeto Suico». On the other hand, it is our mission to spred the message of the charity and to show its success story in order to help secure it a promising future. Erich Flückiger work is also of high persional interest to us, as we want to help shed light on the issues in Brazil.

In order to achieve this, we need your support

We are young, creative and motivated team of two, who have previously produced several films together. Now, we would like to take it one step further. Not only do we need financial support for the different grants and permits to film, we also need the expenses covered for our technical euqipment as well as the post-production.

Become part of our film and help us realize our dream.