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Startup, Technology, and Environment

neon green

Your account with simple CO2 compensation. Thanks to your green neon Mastercard. With this account, you're planting trees on the go. Be part of the pilot project for digital, green banking!
by neon, Zürich
151% funded
CHF 151’240 pledged
4 days to go
Science and Community

Studie Versteckte Kinder

Hat Dir die Isolation im Lockdown zu schaffen gemacht? Für die Kinder von Gastarbeitern, welche versteckt in der Schweiz aufwuchsen, war eine solche Isolation oft über eine lange Zeit hinweg Alltag.
by Bea, Zürich
53% funded
CHF 11’770 pledged
23 days to go
Politics, Community, and Environment

Musik statt Lärm

Wie soll unsere Welt klingen? Mit einem witzigen Clip mobilisieren wir für unsere Petition gegen Poserlärm auf den Strassen. Mit deiner Hilfe können wir kräftig Druck auf die Politik machen.
by Lärmliga Schweiz, Zürich
48% funded
CHF 7’320 pledged
15 days to go
Food and Startup

Become a wine creator Fautor

Discover exclusive wines from abroad, selected by a team of passionate wine experts and friends based in Geneva. Let's start together our expedition with the Fautor winery in Moldova!
by, Geneva
38% funded
CHF 3’822 pledged
10 days to go

For a mother friendly birth

With your help I can train in «traditional midwifery» and support women as a doula during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, so that women can birth safely.
by Eva Teja, Vienna and Salzburg
91% funded
EUR 4’595 pledged
6 days to go
Startup, Community, and Environment

Let's consume differently!

Help us produce natural household products in reusable glass/metal bottles to minimise waste and our footprint and change consumption habits.
by David and Olivier, Zürich, Cologne, and Brussels
31% funded
CHF 7’771 pledged
21 days to go
Fashion, Fair Trade, and Community

Corona: Massai-Frauen helfen

Der Verein «Massai Art&Heart» setzt sich für Massai-Frauen in Kenia ein, die von Hand Schmuck produzieren und damit ihre Familien ernähren. Corona hat die Frauen hart getroffen: Wir möchten helfen!
by Massai Art&Heart, Kenia and Lodungokwe
5% funded
CHF 550 pledged
25 days to go

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