4 Composers writing for 4 Saxophones!

Project «Quadrivium» is a unique opportunity to enrich Bosnian contemporary classical music with four new pieces. With «Quadrivium» we are experimenting and investigating a new territory and our ambition is to create a new music vocabulary in Bosnia. On this particular occasion, we are thrilled to stage the pieces in the prestigious spaces in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Novi Sad (Serbia) and Vienna (Austria).

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4 Saxophones plays 4 New Works!

The saxophone quartet in this project is in symbolic confrontation with the four composers, which will be reflected as a unique cycle of four compositions for saxophone quartet, unpublished so far in the music literature of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our ensemble for this project is amazing sax quartet «Quattro Temperamenti» from Serbia, Novi Sad.

If you donate for our project you are giving it for amazing oppurtunity for young composers to write for this ensemble and work on heritage of 21. century music literature in Bosnia.

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Budget! Budget! Budget! Budget!

The Budget is going to be divided into 4 sections:

  • Fees for the composers and saxophone players.
  • Travel expenses and accommodation: Our team comes from many different countries (Austria, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Germany)
  • Costs for materials and special equipment
  • Professional A/V recording