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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Bogotá. But this may be of interest to you.
Community, Festival, and Art

Angel's Forgiveness

Support us with the realisation of «Angel’s Forgiveness» a Trans performance festival that will be held on the 17th & 18th of June, during the Art Basel 2022, in the space of Amore.
by Angel's Forgiveness, Basel
38% funded
CHF 2’090 pledged
24 days to go
Music, art, and Environment

Bellinzona Baroque Ensemble

Fundraising für die Gründung eines festen Orchesters in Bellinzona, das sich der Barockmusik widmet. Ein Teil des Erlöses dient der Förderung von vier umweltfreundlichen Tessiner Handwerksbetrieben.
by AMULETI, Lugano, Mendrisio, and Bellinzona
11% funded
CHF 620 pledged
30 days to go
Music, Community, and Art

ent - Offene Kulturwerkstatt

Wir verwandeln ein ehemaliges Kleidergeschäft im Haager Stadtzentrum in eine offene Kulturwerkstatt mit Ateliers, Ausstellungen und Workshops. Für die Renovierung brauchen wir eure Unterstützung!
by verein-ent, Haag
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
34 days to go
Film, Music, and Art

First female composer

St. Cassia is considered the first composer known by name in the Occident (810 - 865 AD, Byzantium). Until now, there has been no TV docu about this extremely remarkable woman. We want to change that.
by Kurt FRANK, Wien
0% funded
EUR 85 pledged
29 days to go
Performing arts, Comics, and Art

The Market Spectacle

A website takes you on a virtual site-fiction journey told in film sequences about the question: «What do you want to become?» in New York City's Financial District.
by, New York, Zwölfaxing, and Mumbai
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
41 days to go