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Mask is freedom

Pierangelo Summa, masks creator, puppeteer and theatre director, left us a hundred Commedia dell’Arte’s masks' moulds. Help us save them !
by RS, Como
67% funded
EUR 4’075 pledged
10 days to go
Publishing and Art

Kochbuch keiner Hausfrau

Die Galerie der Stadt Schwaz wird 25, und die Tiroler Künstlerin Martha Murphy wäre 90 geworden. Anlass genug, ein ganz besonderes Künstlerbuch herauszugeben – das «Kochbuch keiner Hausfrau».
by Galerie der Stadt Schwaz mit Bianca Moser, Schwaz
63% funded
EUR 9’485 pledged
4 days to go
Performing arts and Art

Les 10 ans de la CDCO

La Compagnie Du Coeur d’Or. Appelée CDCO, fête cette saison ses 10 ans. Elle propose des spectacles d’improvisation théâtrale. Pour cette saison anniversaire, elle propose 10 spectacles uniques.
by Xavier Alfonso, Chexbres
77% funded
CHF 3’880 pledged
4 days to go
Kids / Youth and Education

Jardin d'enfants LittleFolks

Little Folks est un jardin d’enfants pour les 3-6 ans, situé à Bassecourt dans le canton du Jura, qui ouvrira ses portes début 2020.
Aujourd’hui, j’ai besoin de vous pour m’aider à l’aménager !
by Elodie Jolissaint - Little Folks, Bassecourt
37% funded
CHF 1’501 pledged
11 days to go
Startup, Community, and Environment


At the start of 2020 we want to open the first Leihlager in Basel – a library of things, where you can borrow great objects at low prices: Tools, kitchen utensils, camping equipment and much more!
by Leihlager, Meret, and Noël, Basel
71% funded
CHF 10’775 pledged
13 days to go
Music and Art

Trilogie Janequin - CDs

Since 2016, thélème have been working on a recording project that aims to present Clément Janequin's music with a fresh perspective.
by thélème, Suisse
44% funded
CHF 3’141 pledged
15 days to go

JHCBB Vinyl-Release & Tour

The Jakob Helling Concert Big Band wants to release their Debut on Vinyl and have a tour in 2020. To make that happen we need your support.
by Jakob, Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Graz
70% funded
EUR 4’247 pledged
5 days to go
Science, Community, and Environment

Replanting Rainforest

Our project will explore how resilient reforestation of Asian rainforests is achievable in collaboration with native communities. To reduce our footprint, we want to travel there by container ship.
by Ennia and Cameron, Vang Vieng, Miri, and Kuala Lumpur
69% funded
CHF 5’583 pledged
3 days to go