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Startup and Environment

Kiyo - CH Toothpaste Tabs

The only refillable toothpaste in Switzerland: 100% natural, biodegradable and completely plastic-free. So you can shine every day. With your support we are going into production!
by Kiyo, Lucerne
35% funded
CHF 8’791 pledged
34 days to go
Science and Environment

Help us save coral reefs

Our coral reefs are dying at an incomparable pace. And with them 25% of all animal species in the sea. We are rebuilding coral reefs with an exciting, scalable 3D-printed reef system.
by Ulrike Pfreundt and Marie Griesmar, Zürich
35% funded
CHF 21’518 pledged
21 days to go
Publishing, Kids / Youth, and Education

50 Amazing Swiss Women Book

This beautifully illustrated children's book will feature 50 inspiring Swiss women from the past and present. It will celebrate Swiss women from all different backgrounds from all around the country.
by Bergli Books, Basel, Zürich, and Geneva
59% funded
CHF 4’730 pledged
24 days to go
Photography, Publishing, and Agriculture

Hof Nr.4233

Requiem für einen Bauernhof. Fotobuch im Verlag Scheidegger & Spiess über das Bauernsterben. Der Fotograf Tomas Wüthrich begleitete seine Eltern während ihres letzten Bauernjahres.
by Tomas Wüthrich, Kerzers and Liebistorf
60% funded
CHF 6’015 pledged
23 days to go

La Grange d'Ogoz

Un espace convivial de rencontres et de culture, ouvert à tous, est en cours de réalisation : la Grange d'Ogoz! Nous avons besoin de votre aide pour finaliser les travaux !
by Ferme de l'Areyna, Vuisternens-en-Ogoz
35% funded
CHF 17’610 pledged
34 days to go
Community, tourism, and Environment

The Climate Express

The only orienteering race of its kind in Switzerland, where participants must navigate to environmental related checkpoints across the country!
by Swiss Youth for Climate, Ananina, and Jérôme, Lausanne
17% funded
CHF 8’940 pledged
16 days to go

Colportage interdit, le film

Vous me reconnaissez ? Le cinéaste qui frappe à vos portes depuis des années, le sac plein de films... De cette aventure de colportage, je réalise un essai documentaire, avec vous, pour vous.
by Daniel Duqué, Vernamiège, Sion, and Lausanne
28% funded
CHF 7’220 pledged
24 days to go
Music, Community, and Performing Arts

Alter Bauhof Ottensheim

Wir verwandeln den «Alten Bauhof» in Ottensheim zu einer Spielstätte für Kunst und Kultur. Ottensheim hat eine bunte Kreativszene, jedoch keine Bühne. Mit deiner Unterstützung werden wir das ändern!
by OTTO Kulturgenossenschaft, Ottensheim
75% funded
EUR 15’120 pledged
27 days to go

GRAF HADIK: LP «Dopamin»

Wir starten eine Serie von absoluten Vinyl-Sammlerstücken. Die Auflage ist mit 300 Stück extraknapp bemessen, die musikalischen Inhalte sind schon vorab legendär. No. 1: ein neues Werk von Graf Hadik!
by monkey., Vienna
40% funded
EUR 1’010 pledged
22 days to go

Support-Flow to Morocco

Cold, poverty and hunger - the need in Morocco is great. Families lack everything. And now winter is coming! Help me to finance the next three transports with winter clothes.
by Maison Darna, Khenifra, Rabat, and Casablanca
96% funded
CHF 6’287 pledged
8 days to go

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