«Romance» CD - Diana Rasina

by Diana Rasina


The CD project crosses several musical genres, cultures and epochs and presents love songs in Romance languages. It aims to draw attention to the linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe.

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My upcoming CD project «Romance» presents love songs in various Romance languages and combines my passions for music and for languages.

In addition to songs in widespread languages, such as Spanish, French or Italian, I also wish to present pieces in regional or minority languages, such as Catalan, Corsican, Galician, Occitan, Romansh or Sicilian.

I am very happy and honoured to make music with two great fellow musicians: Alex Yoshii on the guitar and Miroslav Jankech on the accordion. Together we present a diverse musical program that crosses several genres, cultures and epochs.

Starting with the medieval troubadour poetry and music in the South of France and the literary-musical genre of romance in the Iberian Peninsula passing by the classical Italian aria up to the chanson and the folk song of the 20th century, the project revives songs from different ages and cultures and makes them accessible to today’s audiences through modern arrangements.

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Beyond the musical dimension, I want to draw attention to the linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe by presenting songs in regional and minority languages and, in this way, to give the public insights into lesser-known cultures.

Furthermore, the project represents both a personal and an artistic quest. «Romance» combines the theme of love with the Romance languages and thus indicates the etymological and cultural-historical connection between today’s terms «romance» or «romantic» and the term «Romance» which designates the Romance languages.

In my project I pursue this connection and the development of the concept of love through the music and the poetry of different epochs and cultures.

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With your financial contribution I can cover our missing amount of money for the studio recordings, as well as the costs for the album artwork (CD cover + booklet) and for the pressing of the physical CDs.

For your support you can get a reward and you have several options to choose from:

  • for only 30 Euros for the new «Romance» CD or for 45 Euros for both my new and my previous CD «Romanian Tales» or for 50 Euros for two «Romance» CDs, you can receive the signed CD(s) worldwide;

  • if you live in or can come to Vienna, I can hand you over the CD(s) personally or maybe you are also interested in one (or more) singing lesson(s) that I offer;

  • I also offer a portrait photo shoot (yes, photography is my non-musical passion) or a crash course on Romanian traditional music;

  • or maybe you want to book me for an a capella performance or together with my colleagues as a trio;

  • you can also choose to support my project with any amount of money starting with 1 Euro, without getting any reward.

You can pay in EURO by instant bank transfer, with Visa or Mastercard or even with bitcoin ;)

You can also choose more than one reward (not simultaneously, but one step at a time).

If my campaign isn’t successful (what I don’t hope) your money will be refunded to you within a few days. So there is nothing to worry about!

Whatever form you choose to support my project I will be very grateful for!

Thanks a lot in advance,

Diana ♥

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