A dance-theatre performance: Visit this dreamscape as a witness.

«Room of Inevitable End» deals with questions about memories and losses in a dream landscape. Questions such as «What is the common factor in dreams and memories? What is the purpose of remembering something that is in the past? What is this nature of dreams that defies all rational, moral, «socially acceptable» norms of the waking reality? How is it that every dream becomes such a physical experience, while sometimes waking reality seems like an out of body, unreal experience? Where does the dream end and the waking reality begin? What is the inevitable end?» are investigated in this work through five distinct characters and their stories.

The themes of loss and memory is an ongoing one, all through our lives we are constantly losing the present moment to the future. Growing up is a process of coming to terms with the loss of childhood/youth. In this process, memories are formed, memories are distorted, memories are lost. Many of our inner struggles are due to our inability to come to terms with this loss of the present moment, loss of our identities. As an artiste, I find an acknowledgement of this phenomenon is due. In my own experience, often I found that things I didn’t want to consciously address expressed themselves in my dreams. In my dreams, I was not in control, my logic was suspended and the stories took over. It seems as if dreams were extensions to those stories that were not acknowledged and they became the missing link between my waking life and the stories. Sometimes there are recurring dreams that keep coming back, indicating a certain reality, and/or my emotional reaction to that reality.

NAYANA KESHAVA BHAT, born in India, is a Salzburg-based contemporary dancer and choreographer, journalist, and clown. Having been trained in Indian classical dance forms of Bharatanatyam and Kathak, Nayana concluded her choreographic studies at SEAD in 2013. Prior to her residence in Salzburg, Nayana worked as a dancer for half a decade in Bangalore, in dance companies as well as an independent artiste. During this time, she performed across India, Asia, and the UK. She also spent a brief stint in Amsterdam in 2010, working with artist Katie Duck, whose influence she still carries in her works.

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A Big Stepping Stone!

This project is an important stepping stone towards realising my vision as an artiste. At INFLUX, we intend to create works that are based on strong collaborations of multiple artistic disciplines, evolving into something complex and rich. This project enables that intent into realisation. Also, the stories we want to tell in this project are relevant to all of us. I want to be able to share them with as many people as possible in an effort towards connecting through a common ground. My work is a way of connecting and bringing people together and this project is important for that.


supplement our production expenses

We have received financial and production support from Salzburg city and state governments, besides government of Carinthia, Szene Salzburg and büro für tanz theater produktionen. However, us being a new group of artistes, the amount of funding support that we have received is still not enough to cover all our expenses. Therefore, this campaign is to raise money to cover all our expenses so that we do not compromise on the quality of our precious work, or that we do not go hungry!

We have three upcoming shows of this production. Two will be showed at Sommerszene festival, Salzburg, 2018 and one will be in Millstatt at ARTSPACE stift millstatt. At the moment, we only have enough money to pay the artistes for the shows in Salzburg, and to cover the money we have already spent for artist accommodation during our rehearsal phase in Millstatt.

We still need money to pay the artistes for the show in Millstatt, travel costs and accommodation during our show there, besides money for costumes. The money we raise from this campaign will be used for those purposes.