Welcome to Ukraine !!!

My name is Diana, me and my family from a wonderful and picturesque country, which is in the center of Europe-Ukraine!  In the world there is a turn from mass tourism to more meaningful kinds of travel. The three S (Sun-Sea-Sand,) - sun, sea, sand, come three L (Landscape-Lore-Leisure) - landscape, tradition, leisure. We want to provide an opportunity to see and learn the Ukrainian village, to the inhabitants of big cities Both from Ukraine itself and from the CIS countries and Europe. The area on which our project is oriented (Chernivtsi, Western Ukraine) has rich recreational resources that have not been properly used up to now and tend to die out. A valuable tourist resource of the Chernivtsi region, there is a picturesque, ecologically clean nature (the river Dniester, picturesque landscapes and wonderful mountains) the lack of communication with which has the majority of city residents. In addition, the villages and districts have a rich cognitive potential associated with the historical and ethnographic heritage (ancient castles, monasteries, churches, monuments of archetical architecture, etc.), rural culture and everyday life (charming folk songs, incendiary dances and delicious national dishes), Little-known for the urban and European inhabitants types of rural activities (agriculture, livestock, etc.) and folk crafts (beautiful embroidery, pottery, wood carving, etc.). The project is aimed at preserving the ecology, purity and popularization in the world of Ukraine’s cultural heritage. To preserve the authenticity and uniqueness of the Ukrainian villages. To acquaint with the national costume, national dishes and customs. At the same time, to give people with different material wealth and from different regions an opportunity to receive an aesthetic, Spiritual and physical pleasure. The project will cover many areas of activity in the district, which in turn will increase the development and well-being of people living in this area. Young people will not have to leave their families and leave for work from Ukraine, older people will be able to share their experience and pass on their to the younger generation.

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The main thesis of the project.

Rural tourism is a type of tourism aimed at organizing Recreation in the countryside and the proposed acquaintance with the leisurely The way of life in the village, the values ​​of folk culture, applied Art, local customs. This type of tourism includes elements of cognitive, active and Ecological tourism. In addition, it is also interesting in that it allows you to touch Traditional crafts preserved in rural areas, and Opportunities for everyone to participate in the process of creating products of folk Crafts, rustic culinary masterpieces, etc. Proceeding from the fact that the Chernivtsi region is one of the first Places in the environmental rating of the public Organization «Green Patrol», the project offers recreation in a picturesque and Ecologically clean area. What do tourists expect from rural rest? The main thing in the service of the tourist is hospitality, expressed in friendliness, cordiality, sincere desire of the owner to organize the leave of guests in his home. Tranquility and the dimension of rural life. Clean air and rural silence. Natural products Comfort of living conditions. Home atmosphere. Acceptable prices. Feelings of intimacy with nature. New impressions. Entertainment for children. And leisure activities for adults. By developing the culture of recreation in nature, we will make a feasible contribution to its preservation. We will save forgotten folk crafts and national facilities.

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Your support is very important to us

If you are fond of tourism, like outdoor activities, eco-friendly products, like to travel, enjoy local customs and for what would not disappear the culture then support our project. Which will save the dying village in Ukraine. At this stage of the project, we have permission from the local authorities to purchase the site and document the documents. Support the local population and activists in the protection of natural resources and archektical monuments. The development of a guide booklet with unique places in the Chernivtsi region in particular the Sokiryansky district. The implementation of this project will require a one-time cost of 16,800 EURO for:

  • acquisition of the of a land plot-11 000 ;

-construction of living quarters (purchase of furniture, sanitary ware, etc.)-3500

  • registration of legal documents-1500

-creation of information material and its distribution-800.

Own savings, unfortunately, is not enough. Therefore, we ask you to support us in our desire to help Ukraine become recognizable all over the world and preserve for its future generations its uniqueness and national identity. I hope that we have interested you with your idea and very much rely on your help .. Thank you for your help! Gifts for you !!!

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