Sāṅkhya Octet – EP

The Sankhya Octet was founded in October 2013 by 25 year-old Guitarist and Composer Alessio Cazzetta.

The music of Sankhya combines a very broad range of styles and elements. Perhaps one could describe it best as modern, instrumental jazz with elements of Ethnic, Minimal and Groove Music.

Its atmospheres range from energetic, to spaced-out, atmospheric, orchestral, picturesque and many others. Improvistation and Composition are treated with the same importance, to create a vast musical universe full of surprises.

The Band

Elio Amberg - Tenor sax; Sebastian Strinning – Bass Clarinet; Silvan Schmid – Trumpet; Moritz Wesp – Trombone; Marie Krüttli – Piano; Lukas Traxel – Bass; Martin Perret – Drums; Alessio Cazzetta –Guitar/Composition

All of us met in Lucerne, where we continue to play music together in this and other projects!

«Inner Worlds» EP

End of March 2014 we successfully recorded our first EP, which we want to share with the world. This is where YOUR help is needed!

Help us to finance:

  • the recording and mastering of the CD
  • the CD artwork
  • the physical Production of the CD

Why YOU should back this project:

Since are also planning a tour across Switzerland for autumn/winter 2014, we absolutely need this CD for promotional purposes. So, if you want to see this band live, we would very much appreciate your financial support!

Of course we want you to be rewarded for your supports! On the right side of the screen there’s a list of many exclusive rewards!

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing our EP become reality!