Samuel Andreyev’s New Album

by Samuel Andreyev


This project is about deepening a 10-year collaboration between composer Samuel Andreyev and Ensemble Proton Bern and making the results accessible to a wide audience.

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All about the new Ensemble Proton Bern--Andreyev album

We are going to record four Samuel Andreyev compositions at the studios of Swiss Radio in Zürich, following intensive preparations for a concert on June 14th in Bern.

Spectacular recordings of four recent compositions

Brand new versions of four recent pieces, including three world-premiere recordings:

VÉRIFICATIONS (2012) for Piccolo, A-flat piccolo clarinet, musette, percussion, Casio SK-1 keyboard and cello

SEXTET IN TWO PARTS (2019) for bass flute, basset horn, horn, piano, percussion and cello

IN GLOW OF LIKE SECLUSION (2021-22) Cantata on texts by J. H. Prynne for soprano and ensemble

SONATA DA CAMERA (2021) for ensemble

What your support will allow us to do

With your support, we will record and release a new CD which will be available internationally. Anyone supporting this campaign will get a CD delivered to their door.