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The demand for motorhomes has been increasing steadily for years. The motorhome shops usually allow the prices for rental vehicles to rise sharply in the summer months. We would like to make it possible for every family, friends or couple to spend the holidays in a well-equipped motorhome at a reasonable price.

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Camper for all

Everyone should be able to afford our campers. The tenants only pay for the wear and tear of the camper, the parking space, vignette, insurance, traffic tax and cleaning and maintenance of the camper. Thus, the daily price would be only CHF 65 to CHF 70. Compared to the commercial landlord, this is a saving of up to 70%.

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Capital to buy an good camper

With the amount of money of CHF 60,000 achieved here, a well-equipped motorhome will be purchased by June 1, 2020 at the latest and made available to investors for CHF 60 to CHF 70.

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