Our project

We have a new script, which has already won a best screenplay film festival award. We would like to produce this new short film «Appearance», because we are sure that it will replicate the success of the first one. The two main characters will be the same actors (Daniele Marcheggiani and Simone Passero) together with two children aged 6-8, who will be co-stars and other two actors. We can’t explain too much about the plot of film, but we can tell you that it’s about the different view between adults and children about the reality of things. The film, like the previous one, will be sent to the main international festivals, starting with Locarno Film Festival 2020 or Venice International Film Festival 2020.

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About us

We are a young production, founded in December 2018, by three people (two actors and one actor coach). We believe that dedication, professionalism and passion are the secret to achieve great results. We have shot our first project «Like the Shadow in the Dark», a 26min short film, entirely self-produced by us and finished on June 2019. The film has won many awards at several international festivals (and it is still registered in many other festivals):

(Best Short)

  • Sunday Shorts Film Festival (UK)
  • Best Short Competition (USA)
  • East Europe International Film Festival (PL)
  • Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (USA)
  • TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival (RO) -European Cinematography AWARDS (NL)

(Best Short and Best actor)

  • Accolade Global Film Competition (USA)
  • Festigious Los Angeles (USA)
  • Actors Awards Los Angeles (USA)
  • LAFA Los Angeles Film Awards (USA)
  • New York Film Awards (USA)
  • Delhi Shorts International Film Festival (INDIA)

Many awards have been won by the lead actor, Daniele Marcheggiani, and his co-star Simone Passero. They are part of the Production.

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Why we need support

The entire Production is working hard to realize this new project. However, we have to cover several costs so we need your support! The entire budget about our film is estimated at CHF 10,000.- A part of it will be self-produced by the Production while the remaining CHF 6’000.- we count on your great and precious contribution! Your contribution will be employed for:

  • Rental part of the equipment (a part is already in our equipment)
  • Crew Cache (Actors, Director, DOP, Phonic, Operator, etc)
  • Location rental
  • Travel and food costs during the set
  • Post-production (Editing, Soundtracks, Subtitles, etc.)