It's a wrap! (Almost)By David Poly, on 2/8/2019 13:40


Rolling, Rolling, Rolling! Camera rolling! Audio Rolling! «Scene 7.1 take 1» Clap! Action!

The past week we have been shooting the movie in various locations. It has been a stressful, exhausting but amazing time. The crew that consists of mostly strangers worked together like real professionals which also can be seen in the resulting footage. I am extremely happy with how the scenes came out!

The last big obstacle will be to shoot the ending scene of the movie. For that we still need another swimming pool and lots of extras.

During the shooting days we all realized how important everyone of our backers was to make this thing happen. This project wouldn’t be the same without you. Thanks!

The last 30 hoursBy David Poly, on 13/7/2019 13:08


Dear Friends, Family, Backers and Visitors

This entire campaign has been incredible. The amazing support of all of you has really touched me and helped me a lot! Thanks to every single one of you.

As we are reaching the end of the campaign, I want to ask everyone one last time to tell your friends, family and colleagues about this campaign to help me reach my initial goal of 3500 CHF. With the extra money I will be able to finance the transporter for the crew and equipment during the shooting days. Thank you for your help.

Greetings David

The date for the premiere is fixed.By David Poly, on 22/6/2019 21:26


Hi everyone!

First of all, I want to thank every single one of you that have supported this project so far. We are about to hit the threshold for me to actually get the money that you all want to support me with after only two weeks. That is incredible! But as mentioned in the video clip, film production is very expensive and costs keep adding up as we are trying to ensure as high quality as possible. If we can exceed the funding goal, the extra money will help us to get more possibilities, more flexibility and most importantly less stress. So if the goal has already been reached but you still want to buy tickets to the premiere or a DVD, please do not hesitate to do so!

Now the important news for everyone that has chosen to come to the premiere: The exclusive premiere for backers only will take place at the Cameo Cinema in Winterthur on the 3rd of November this year.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you there!


Nearly 60 percent!By David Poly, on 17/6/2019 21:20

Dear Backers

As we are about to hit 60% of the funding goal after only one week, I want to take my time to say thanks. Without all of you, this entire dream of mine would not be able to come true. But as we are about to pass two-thirds, we are getting into another hard phase. Most family members and close friends already have contributed to the project. So now I need your help. Please share this page with all your friends and family members, post it in your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and other feeds and stories to get some more attention to this project. Thank you!

I am making quite some progress in the project. This weekend I have met with the guys that help me out as producers and cinematographers. Next weekend, the casting for the actors will take place in Winterthur. The crew on set already has reached a count of more than 10 people, and I am constantly talking to people that may join the team as well.

Thanks again for being a part of this project and for all the supportive comments!

Have a great week David

We passed 30 percent!By David Poly, on 12/6/2019 22:41

Wow! Most crowdfunding mentors tell you that if you reach 30% of your funding goal in the first week or so, your campaign is likely to succeed. Together with YOUR help we have already reached 38% after only 3 DAYS!! Thank you so much! Please keep sharing this campaign with your friends and family to make sure we reach the goal and possibly even surpass it. I also see that the tickets to the premiere seem to be a bit too pricey. How much would you be ready to pay for a seat at the exclusive premiere? I might make a little limited offer soon… Have a great day! David