Who are we?

The band « Siga Volando » was founded in 2007. Its music is a mix of Cuban tradition and contemporary compositions, improvisations and written arrangements, jazz and classical music.

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What is it about?

Following an invitation from the Cuban Institute of Music, we took the bold decision to confront ourselves to the roots of the music we are playing by recording our own creations in La Havana.

There are mainly compositions of Claude Montandon, Band Director and Alina Torres, a Cuban composer.

Why go to Cuba?

Cuba is music everywhere. It invades you and boosts you.

Cuba is the homeland of our singer Susana Orta who will have the opportunity to show there what she is doing here, in Switzerland.

Cuba, is the opportunity to meet amazing musicians and work with them.

Cuba, is the legendary Recording Studio EGREM where will be recording, right where Buena Vista Social Club did the same.

After a full year working on a whole new repertoire, the 10 musicians of Siga Volando will fly to Cuba this October.

Why support this project?

Organizing the travel of 10 musicians for 15 days abroad is a huge challenge.

The project is partly funded but your donations are essential to cover the following costs:

  • Accommodation in Cuba
  • Recording Studio rental
  • The cuban sound engineers and producer’s wage
  • Travel expenses in Cuba
  • Record production
  • Promotion

By supporting us, you will participate in an original cultural adventure. You are supporting the Swiss Creation while encouraging an approach that mixes cultures, combines styles and times.