»Smotion« – against smokeodor

by InnovationsHead

St Gallen

I determine as a privat person the most effective anti-smoke-mixture by scientific tests and prepare it in form of a hand cream.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 16/7/2014

Why the idea

Who doesn’t know it: the stink, that cigarette smoke causes. Fact is, no matter what campaigns, shock images and what prices would be applied, smokers do not disappear. It’s time to do something for the people in the environment of smokers. It’s time that the smoker himself does something for the people in his environment. Who doesn’t know the stinky hands after smoking a cigarette? Very few wash the hands after smoking, most rather use a hand cream which covers the smoke odor (usually not completely), what’s definitely not tasty. Time to make a hand cream which is applied BEFORE smoking so the smoke doesn’t even have the possibility to establish in the skin. Time to determine a mixture of different substances, which possesses the best anti-smoke properties.

The team

As long-standing laboratory assistant in a chemical company, as well as pharmaceutical company which specializes in «Creams & Lotions» we know substances which possess anti-smoking properties. This substances need to be tested in combination with other ingredients in all possible mixing ratios until the ideal mixture with the greatest effect against cigarette smoke is determined. Since cigarette smoke isn’t present only as a chemical compound, but rather as a mixture of over 4000 different substances, this project would be an interesting endeavor. We are convinced that with the existing knowledge, the necessary capital and enough time/patience we will get a positive result and we look forward to test the cream on test persons on the street.

The aspiration

The project «Smotion» serves as a research base to determine the best mixture against cigarette smoke. A cream is the simplest way to bring this mixture into effect.

Ecology and Allergies

For us it’s very important to use exclusively organic ingredients. Of course we look also not to use any ingredients, which can cause allergies. We stand in exchange with an allergy expert.

Why 5000 Swiss Francs?

This amount will be necessary to determine the composition of an anti-smoke-mixture. For research, we need a variety of materials such as a stirring plate, magnetic fish, sterile vessels for preparation, seterile filling vessels, base materials, preservatives, essential oils and other ingredients, as well as materials for the sample treatment. In addition, empty tubes for self filling are equipped with their own labels.


We plan to initiate further steps. The anti-smoking-mixture should also come to use as a fragrance tree for the car and/or an air freshener for the home.


For questions or suggestions please contact us unabashedly : smotion_solution@hotmail.com

We welcome any feedback, whether negative or positive!