What my project is about

Dear curious reader, dancing is a form of communication which is rather unique. Especially among social dances like Salsa, Kizomba, Zouk, Bachata or West Coast Swing, we get to know a huge variety of different dancers who interact with us on various levels.

The goal of this crowdfunding cannot be any other than creating blissful moments. This app shall work as a bridge to organise your travelling more easily, so members can ask questions among locals, get in contact with dancing schools or have the opportunity to find out which private teacher suits them best. In addition, every member will have access to postings about upcoming parties and festivals. By this, I hope to increase the stream of dancers towards Ukraine, which is still rather unknown among many dancers and has excellent private teachers you could get in contact with !!!

In case it works out, more destinations & teachers around the world will be added. This way dancers will be able to discover new places, private teachers + schools. You can plan your trip beforehand without knowing locals.

By downloading the application, the user can become a member of a club. The fee will be 10€ and pay a monthly fee of 1€ to support the ongoing project, so the club can grow, new destinations added and festivals organized. The club will try to get discounts for various parts of the journeys. For instance, festival tickets, parties, restaurants and so on.

As a community we’re just stronger and travelling becomes more easy.

The club will be registerd as a «Verein» in Germany, which means it is a non-profit-organisation and every cent will be used only for the club.

Email to: social.dance.invasion@gmail.com to see the dancing video.(I’ll try to give you access as fast as possible, but still have a private life)


Dancing gives hope !!!

And since any project needs a dream or in this case it’s more adequate to say an utopia … although this platform/club is, in no way at all, a political motivated movement … it would be just stunning to once be able to organise a social dance festival on the peninsula of Crimea. The interaction of people in a peaceful and blissful way like dancing is a way to reduce the conflicts in the world.

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If you have further questions use the email address above to get in contact.

I consider this approach as a process ! Like the situation in Ukraine or Europe or «you name it». It takes time, however it is worth to lead one’s energys towards projects & ideas where people socialize and work on better lives and blissful moments. Dancing offers these to us!

As written above it was not possible to post the dancing video neither on Youtube nor Vimeo. Wasn’t allowed to play music. Please, send a request and you’ll get to see it. Friends are allowed to share.