We aim to provide clean, healthy, and fair alternatives for textiles and clothing

The textile and garment industries are among the dirtiest industries in the world. Most big companies can’t guarantee living wages for their workers, and try to cut costs by moving manufacturing to countries where wages are lower. At the same time, conventional textile production has lots of negative environmental impacts - huge amounts of fertilisers and pesticides are used for fibre growing, toxic chemicals are used for fabric finishing and dyeing, and dirty energy is used throughout the supply chain.

Together with its community and partners, Social Fabric wants to create a better way of doing things, by giving meaningful employment to people who need it, creating products with low environmental impact and from recycled materials, providing transparency around how things are made, and letting our customers meet the makers. Our aim is to build communities through textiles.

We employ refugees in Switzerland, and we are working together with three social enterprises internationally. Help us and our partners to build our capacity, and buy materials for the next production run of our products.

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We are building communities through textiles

Together with our community of partners, supporters, and customers, we want to create a different kind of system by building clean and transparent supply chains, and doing manufacturing in a way that supports the makers. Be a part of the Social Fabric movement by supporting our campaign!

We produce some of our products in Switzerland, and we work with the following partners:

Freeset: a social enterprise in India that provides training and employment opportunities to sex-trade workers in Calcutta

Mai Bine: a non-profit organisation in Romania that promotes sustainable lifestyle, and offers employment to youth through it’s textile social enterprise REDU

SOFFA: a social enterprise in Greece that employs refugees and victims of human trafficking

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We need support to buy materials for the next production run of our products

We will use the money raised by this campaign to buy materials for the next production run of our products. We need to buy fabrics and other materials in order to make our products, and we need your help to make this investment. We source materials from various manufacturers - mostly in Europe - but the manufacturers always have minimum order quantities, which means the up-front costs are quite high. Help us to take the next step in growing the Social Fabric movement!

Our rewards:

We are offering various rewards, made by us and our supply chain partners.

Our uniquely designed products are made with high quality materials and great workmanship, and we continuously improve them based on real customer feedback.

Some of these rewards come with size and colour options. If you are supporting us by ordering a notebook, t-shirt, or pullover, please fill out your size / colour preferences via our Google form. If we don’t hear from you via the form, we will contact you after the campaign ends.

Would you like to pre-order more than one reward? If you would like to order multiple rewards, please add the value of the rewards together, and make a donation to the campaign for that amount. Then send us an email at info@socialfabric.ch, to let us know which rewards you would like.

Do you want to have more information about our rewards, including pictures, size charts, and more detailed information about our suppliers? Go to socialfabric.ch/the-better-way -but don’t forget to come back to Wemakeit to support our campaign ;-)

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