The world is changing. The mental health of society is declining at a rapid pace. spirit bird helps you to slow down your everyday life and find your individual path to peace of mind.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 2/3/2021

Our plan

We are a dedicated team of yoga and meditation lovers, psychologists, user experience designers, innovation experts and artists. We are all united by one vision:

We want a healthy, satisfied and decelerated society! We want to encourage and cultivate a conscious and considerate treatment with ourselves, our fellow human beings and nature!

THAT’S WHY we’re developing an app that takes you by the hand and helps you to consciously break out of your everyday life. Our app guides you to suitable activities and simple techniques to slow down and reconnect with your true self. We provide safe spaces for your inner growth, whether you practice on your own in natural surroundings, or in a group setting in the middle of the city, spirit bird will help you choose your individual path to peace of mind. We connect practitioners (Students) and Teachers of activities such as yoga, meditation, qigong, taiji, pilates and many more.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION directly supports us in the development of the app. At the same time, you’ll help build our open community and raise awareness about mental illness in society. You’ll help us create safe spaces for outdoor and indoor activities and connect like-minded people. With your support NOW, you can support us to slow down society and improve the health of humanity in a sustainable way.

OUR COMMUNITY is already growing and can’t wait to get started with spirit bird and begin the journey to inner peace.

AS A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, we are proud to found the first purpose-company in Switzerland. We are bringing the Purpose Economy movement from Germany to Switzerland and taking on a pioneering role for a groundbreaking, sustainable form of company:

With CHF 24’000.– we will:

  • develop and launch the first version of the spirit bird app in spring 2021, and thus
  • Reduce the entry hurdle for techniques, methods and topics to slow down and promote mental health
  • Create new spaces for collective activities outdoors and indoors
  • Found the first purpose-company in Switzerland
  • Build a new, open spirit bird community
  • Create equal opportunities through activities on a donation basis
  • share our journey with you and the world!

With CHF 100’000.– or more you help us to take off for real. These are our long-term plans:

  • Our vision is to have explored the whole world and built nests with spirit bird in 2024. A bird knows no boundaries - neither do we
  • We create a momentum for positive change, worldwide!

The founding team does not receive financial compensation.

spirit bird sees the cultivation of your health and satisfaction as a contribution to society. Therefore, it is important for us to take social responsibility.

Our understanding of SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY:

  • spirit bird creates equality by establishing activities on a donation basis and make them affordable for every budget
  • We are a non-profit organization and donate all possible profits in projects that foster the health and satisfaction of society

We are already looking forward to accompanying you with our app on your way to slow down and find inner peace.

Have a look into spirit bird’s world: (drafts and sketches)

  • main viusal
    main viusal
  • look & feel
    look & feel
  • look & feel
    look & feel
  • look & feel
    look & feel
  • look & feel
    look & feel

Why and how are we going to improve the health of humanity?

«More than one in three people experience a lot of worry (39 %) or stress (35 %). At least one in five sadness (24 %) or anger (22 %).»

These figures are taken from a global survey conducted by Gallup in 2019. Mental health of humanity continued to deteriorate in 2020.

We build a community for exchange and mutual inspiration and connect you with like-minded people. Activities such as Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Taiji, Pilates can be easily created by Teachers and found and booked by Students.

For Students:

  • We help you find your perfect space to calm down by showing you suitable studios, Teachers and activities
  • We act neutrally and show you larger studios as well as independent Teachers in equal measure
  • Do you like to practice outdoors under the open sky? spirit bird offers you an overview of all outdoor activities
  • Would you like to slow down, but don’t know how to get there yet? We will help you to find your way in

For Teachers:

  • Whether you are self-employed or you belong to a studio, you can create classes, workshops, retreats, trainings etc. in just a few steps
  • Simply create activities outdoor, in the studio, at home, at your favorite place and/or online
  • By accessing the spirit bird community you can reach a large number of interested Students
  • In addition, spirit bird supports you by taking over your administrative work for booking and payment processing

We start our journey with the six of us. With heart, passion and energy we will create the best possible environment for spirit bird to grow organically.

  • Nina: Self-employed yoga-teacher / project initiator
  • Martina: Business developer / innovation expert
  • Josh: Psychologist / user experience designer
  • Jules: Software engineer / user experience designer
  • Sam: Content creator / advisor
  • Mats: Meditation-/yoga-student / project initiator

Our foundation is a purpose non-profit organization. With this we commit ourselves to two principles:

  1. Self-governance - Control remains inside the company with the people directly connected to stewarding its operation and mission
  2. Profits serve purpose - Wealth generated by these businesses cannot be privatized. Instead, profits serve the mission of the company, and are reinvested in the platform and social projects

The Bernese location promotion «be-advanced» has included us into their startup program and accompanies us on our way to success. Our homebase is the coworking-space «Impact Hub» in Bern.

  • spirit bird
    spirit bird
  • Nina & Mats
    Nina & Mats
  • Josh & Jules
    Josh & Jules
  • Martina & Sam
    Martina & Sam

Our key to success

These four values make us unique:

  • Independence: You don’t need a subscription or make any commitments to use spirit bird
  • Purpose: Possible profits are invested 100% in the spirit bird plattform and in social projects
  • Equal Opportunity: Lack of money should not be an obstacle. We achieve this through activites on a donation basis and neutral display of offerings
  • Inner peace: is our mantra and mission

For the full implementation and distribution of spirit bird we assume a financing requirement of CHF 250’000. What is not going to be fundet with wemakeit, will be completed with the help of selected foundations, companies and business angels.

There will be annual costs for maintenance, support and further developement as well as marketing and sales. To cover these, we will take a percentage out of each booking.

We look forward to go on this journey together with you and are grateful for your contribution. Become part of our community at any time and receive:

  • Q & A sessions with the spirit bird team
  • exclusive access to live speaker sessions with Teachers from different categories
  • Invitations to community events
  • regular updates

Nice to have you with us and thanks for your support!

  • we love you
    we love you
  • urban outdoor activity picture by Simon B. Opladen
    urban outdoor activity picture by Simon B. Opladen
  • urban outdoor activity picture by Simon B. Opladen
    urban outdoor activity picture by Simon B. Opladen
  • urban outdoor activity picture by Simon B. Opladen
    urban outdoor activity picture by Simon B. Opladen
  • nature outdoor activity picture by guerillayoga Bern
    nature outdoor activity picture by guerillayoga Bern
  • nature outdoor activity picture by guerillayoga Bern
    nature outdoor activity picture by guerillayoga Bern
  • nature outdoor activity picture by guerillayoga Bern
    nature outdoor activity picture by guerillayoga Bern
  • see you soon
    see you soon