Free music education for every child.

SUPERAR Abl., lat. To overcome (borders) – to surpass (oneself)

Active music-making connects, strengthens and inspires. For 10 years the non-profit association Superar uses the potential.

The vision:

  • to support children and young people in their personal development through intensive, free and long-term music programs,
  • to discover their potentials and expand their horizons,
  • to improve the coexistence of people across all social, cultural, religious and linguistic barriers,
  • and thus strengthen the opportunities of children and young people in tomorrow’s society.

Music brings joy and unfolds individual potential

Music works. It makes us laugh and cry. It inspires us to dance and sing along. It connects. Even people who have nothing else in common.

Music education not only develops the musical abilities of children and young people, it also strengthens important additional skills such as concentration, commitment, communication skills, creativity, self-perception, self-discipline, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility.

To ensure that access to music and its opportunities remains open to every child, participation in the Superar programs is free of charge. Without the help of dedicated Superar supporters, our programs, rented instruments, trips and camps would not be possible.


First concert DVD

A concert with 500 children and young people is unique for each participant. Therefore we need your support to capture this special moment for eternity!


PS. Any additional donations beyond the cost of the DVD production will be invested in new instruments for Superar’s orchestra programs.