Small but excellent festival with musicians on keyboard instruments, with international stars and national top performers on piano, accordion, organ, etc. in various venues in Klosters, Easter 2023.

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Successfully concluded on 5/12/2022

«Music under your skin»

TASTENTAGE is a small but excellent festival with keyboard artists. It takes place for the fourth time at various locations in Klosters at Easter 2023. The festival offers exquisite keyboard music, as a concert performance in the Kulturschuppen, as a matinée in a hotel or on a farm, as a solo performance in an artist’s studio or even in a locksmith’s workshop, or ceremoniously in a church.

The concerts usually take place in small but well-equipped and acoustically excellent venues. The slogan «music under your skin» is no empty phrase. World stars as well as young, up-and-coming talents from Switzerland are involved. They play piano, accordion, organ or schwyzerörgeli.

A special mix of musical styles

Stylistically, the individual groups pick up on the modern currents of jazz. They also seek proximity to the mainstream. The listeners experience a new dimension of jazz. The boundaries between jazz and classical music are forgotten, with crossover approaches that combine folk music with jazz.

Music lovers who are interested in exciting music but also open to new things will experience exquisite concerts.

Moderate prices, high quality music, a small audience - we need your support!

The audience will enjoy twelve top-class concerts with world-class musicians - and get up close and personal with them. Where else can world stars and fascinating instrumentalists be experienced so close up and under the best acoustic conditions? Ticket prices are moderate to suit every budget.

Since only 15% of the costs are raised through ticketing, TASTENTAGE dependent on support from foundations, sponsors, companies and private individuals. We have already sent out 120 applications, but we still need more funds for the twelve concerts.

We need you! Buy a ticket, a day pass or a festival pass at slightly higher price. In return, you will receive a gift from a local farm in addition to your ticket. You will be helping to ensure that the festival takes place. You support also the more than 50 helpers who will be on site.