Dans le StudioBy The Gecko, on 28/10/2013 15:51

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The Gecko have been rustling up the magic in the «Basement» with the help of Fabian and his fresh ideas. He kept us on form and pushed us to make easily the best recordings so far

Carsten took care of the beers and keys

Samuel guitaring and helping out with the backing vocals and general vibe.

Espin trying to look cool, and helping out with the general vibe (obviously it’s an important job)

And Pascal hitting things hard, lots!

The Gecko have also been busy making exclusive T shits for the Amazing and super amazing fans, with the help of Jonni AKA Dog Day. Jonni is hilarious and a screen printing legend!

We are mixing the songs in a couple of weeks and sending out the supporters packages soon.

Thanks for staying tuned. E The G


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Done and Doing it!By The Gecko, on 10/9/2013 16:20

Phase 1 complete

The Gecko are delighted to have successfully completed the crowd funding with your help. Again, thanks so much to for being involved and helping us get to the next step.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sending out a lot of the rewards: Tshirts and Fan Packs etc, so if you requested a t-shirt, but haven’t already told us what size you’d like, please let us know soon.


We are very happy to announce that we have found a great producer and studio in Berlin where we can record and make the Magic. We are going to work with Fabian Finistere in the Basement studios on Auguststrasse. The Gecko have already started pre-production. We’ll be recording in October.


The preparation for the release will take a while- there are plenty of things to organise: Mixing, Mastering, Artwork, Promo, Christmas etc, as well industry discussions, so we are expecting to release the song when we are all around in Late winter/early spring.

OK thanks for tuning in, thanks for the support, and what can I say? We’re going to give it 116% !


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1/3 time luckyBy The Gecko, on 12/6/2013 13:48


1/3 gone, 1/3 there

So as we approach the first third of our crowd funding time, we are also approaching one third of our aim.

It’s a good feeling to be on target. Now we have 41 days to go to accomplish the rest. One shouldn’t take anything for granted, of course, and if we don’t hit the total, we don’t get anything, but as the time goes on and your support increases so does my confidence in completing this project sucessfully. We’re going to make it!

We are lucky to have supporters like you, thanks for backing us, and have a great week


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It's ROLLINGBy The Gecko, on 28/5/2013 15:42


First things First: THANK YOU

Because of your support our project has got off to a great start. I have to say it’s a nervous time – at the beginning, not knowing how it will develop – but your generosity has started the ball rolling and we are really thankful for it.

Actions speak louder than words.

As an added Thank You for supporting us in the first week, We are putting you all on the guestlist for This Friday (31.5) in Kaffee Burger – Torstrasse 60. Music will start around 10pm and we have to finish by 00.00.

If you can’t make it on Friday, you are very Welcome to give your guestlist place to a friend. Here is the Facebook Invitation

You have given us a great start. You can now help us go all the way, by getting friends involved and bringing them to the show.

hope to see you there, or somewhere else soon.

Cheers, Espin and The Gecko


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Picture 70f10904 b75d 477e a716 defb9165fa2b

Yeah, I was there)
And now I can say that I miss Berlin. Very much.

Thank you too :)
Waiting for your album and etc., because, suprisingly I really enjoy your-The-Gecko's music. Someday I will go to you concert :D

Picture a71319f7 2a84 4035 9782 4eb3489b15f0

Hey Alexandra, so, you got back to Moscow ok? I remember you from my tour a few weeks ago - not difficult - there were only 3 people at the end :)
thanks a lot for your support. All the best. Espin

Picture 70f10904 b75d 477e a716 defb9165fa2b

Hello, Espin and The Gecko ;)

Unfortunately, Berlin Kaffee Burger is very far from Moscow where I am, so I would be happy to give my guestlist to a friend, I'll try to involve them :)

Hope to meet somewhere soon.