The Erlkings: Essential Collection

The Erlkings are the world’s premier Lieder-band, specialising in new arrangements of Schuberts greatest songs. Equally comfortable in an elegant concert house or a smoky beer hall, the Erlkings are the only group around getting audiences dancing to Goethe and Schiller.

For this album we have chosen 12 of Schubert’s best songs and re-imagined them into our 21st century. It goes something like this:

These songs are translated into poetic modern English and arranged for an unusual constellation of instruments. They become fresh, emotional, funny, beautiful and respectful new versions of the originals.

Whether you are a life-long Schubert geek or just a music lover, this album will light up your ears in a totally new way. You don’t even have to know Schubert to enjoy it!

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The Kings

  • Bryan Benner / American singer songwriter, poet and professional Troubadour
  • Thomas Toppler / Smiling Austrian Drummer
  • Gabriel Hopfmüller / Austrian Brass and Beer expert
  • Ivan Turkalj / Croatian country-hopping multistyle Cellist

Audiences 2015:

  • October 17th & 18th – Oxford Lieder Festival (UK)
  • November 9th-13th – Austrian & Swiss Tour (Graz, Vienna, Dornbirn & Zürich)

The funds raised will be used for:

  • Renting the recording studio & technicians for 4 days
  • Post Production (mixing and audio mastering)
  • Booklet: Photos, design, text and translation
  • Production of CDs
  • Label & release

Tracklist «The Erlkings: Essential Collection»

  • Die Forelle
  • Der Erlkönig
  • Auf dem Wasser zu singen
  • Der Musensohn
  • Fischerweise
  • Erste Verlust
  • Der Jüngling am Bache II
  • Seligkeit
  • Totengräbers Heimweh
  • König in Thule
  • Heidnröslein
  • Der Wanderer auf dem Mond