The Master Plan

The Master Plan

by The I-Twins


Camille and Quentin, the twins from the vocal reggae duet The I-Twins are preparing their second album, which will be released in spring 2017, under the name «The Master Plan».

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Who are we?

The I-Twins is a vocal duet composed, as the name suggests, of two twin brother and sister, Quentin and Camille.

Harmonies play an essential role in our music, that takes root in the Jamaican music from the late 60s till the early 80s. We started together our musical adventure in 2008, in the shadow, before bringing our music to light in 2014 with our first autoproduced album «The Way For We».

Since our first shows, we’re accompanied by musicians coming, in part, from Najavibes, a band from Geneva, with whom we recorded all our songs. We also perform acoustic shows, with a guitar and a piano, a set-up that allows us to create a more intimate and personal mood.

The project: «[The Master Plan](»

The adventure we experienced together with the first album on stage and in the studio was so positive and enriching, that continuing it with a second album seemed very natural to us. During those past two years, alongside the shows, we kept on composing, and that’s how the second album took shape step by step, to finally come out under the name «The Master Plan». This album gathers fifteen musicians recorded between June 2016 and January 2017 in, Geneva, Vevey and Santander.

Through the thirteen that compose it, we address themes that matter to us since we started to compose. We deal with spiritual questions fed by our personal experiences and we give our critical visions of the system in which we live and its dysfunctions.

Why support us?

The sales of our first album combined with the benefits of our shows allowed us to finance partly the realization of this project. The expenses for the studio recordings and the mix are already covered. Now we’ve got to pay the mastering, the press (CD and vinyl) as well as the salary of the musicians and of the two artists who realized the sleeve. As the credits below show, such a project involve many persons who contribute to it out of passion but who are payed little. That is why we appeal to your help: to be able to continue to live our passion while at the same time guarantee the actors of the project a decent pay.



  • Camille Chappuis : Vocals
  • Quentin Chappuis : Vocals and bass
  • Antonin Chatelain : Drums
  • Primo Viviani : Bass
  • Stéphane «Stuf Addis» Lambercy : Bass
  • Mathias Liengme : Piano, organ, wurlitzer, clavinet, solina, keyboards, percussions and kete
  • Roberto Sánchez : Solina and percussions
  • Léo Marin: Riddim guitar
  • Solal Excoffier : Lead guitare
  • Michael Borcard : Saxophone (tenor, alto and baritone) and moog
  • Alexandre Schneiter : Trumpet and backing vocals
  • Anthony Buclin : Trombone
  • Julien Plaza : Backing vocals
  • Jérôme «Jeronimo» Nidegger : Harmonica
  • Raphael Anker : Electronic trumpet


  • Produced by Camille and Quentin Chappuis
  • Lyrics by Quentin and Camille Chappuis
  • Music by Camille and Quentin Chappuis, Mathias Liengme et Michael Borcard
  • Arrangements by Quentin et Camille Chappuis, Alexandre Schneiter, Antonin Chatelain, Mathias Liengme, Michael Borcard, Solal Excoffier and Primo Viviani
  • Recorded by Mathias Liengme at Bridge Studio (Geneva)
  • Overdubs by Quentin Chappuis at I-Twins Studio (Geneva), by François Spreng at Lake Mountain Studio (Vevey) and by Roberto Sánchez at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio (Spain)
  • Mixed by Roberto Sánchez at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio (Spain)
  • Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering (Ecosse)
  • Distributed by Fruits Records
  • Illustrations by Jeanne Tara
  • Graphism by Céline Nidegger
  • Video production by Guillaume Carel – Upload Production