«Long Live Rock ʼnʼ Roll!» The kids are ready for it!

The result is a double CD with rock classics from the sixties to listen AND to sing along. The double CD will be delivered for free at our school-workshops to teachers who wants to practice this rock songs with their students. One CD contains the complete playback including scrolling text.

Project description:

The Rockdaddies have been bringing the history of rock music and unforgettable songs from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Animals, Queen, Free and many others to primary and high school classrooms for years. Now theyʼre bringing out their first album for 60s fans, which can be used in music lessons too.

Pierre-Alain Kessi and Henry Fries are working on a double CD which not only will hold twelve cover songs, but moving lyrics and a playback feature too, so that teachers and school bands can play rock songs from the 60s by themselves. This project needs financing, and anyone can help by pledging a certain amount here.

In exchange, we can offer you lots of exclusive goodies, such as a trip to the Rockdaddiesʼ mastering studio in New York, and a chance to meet the band in person and vote for the songs that you would like to see on the CD. All goodies are transferable and can be passed as Christmas or birthday gifts to friends and acquaintances.

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