TI/Street/Art 2015 is a festival of urban culture created by the Urbanova association and focused on the multiple forms of art and sports which originate and develop in urban environments.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Ti/Street/Art is promoted by Urbanova, a non-profit association, born in 2009 from the idea of three friends: Alex Sollero, Jean-Claude Trivioli and Dino Salvatico. Our enthusiasm has allowed us to create an event of street art in ticino, where a festival devoted to this disciplines didn’t exist yet.


The third edition of TI/Street/Art festival returns this year in the city of Lugano from 15 to 16 may. Also this year our festival will be free, because we want that public spaces and all the shows are accessible to everybody, to spread the culture of the urban arts and joining many people as possible. Our event includes performances of music (live bands and dj’s), dance, street art, street theater and urban sport (skateboard, freerunning, freestyle, bike trial, etc.) and workshops.

The different activities of our event are proper to a heterogeneous public, even if it primarily turns him to the young people.

After the 1st edition in 2011 and the 2nd in 2014 we can affirm that the public and the media responds with enthusiasm and love for our project. Despite this economic efforts that we must to face stay the only real obstacle for the realization of the project.

Why support us?

We need your help to also guarantee the good free show this year. To sustain us means also to allow our young festival to develop and to maintain the choice of the free entrance. We think that the free cultural offer is a necessary element in the life of a city.

Picked money will serve to help us to pay the expenses for numerous artists, performers and sportsmens that will exhibit him to the festival (and they will be a lot). These expenses are the hotels, the meals, the transport, the material for the shows/works and the cachets.

Our program will be still rich and full of quality. For organizational reasons we cannot anticipate the details yet, but there will be a lot indeed to see and to listen. The fun is guaranteed!