This is what it's all about:

The Exhale is an online platform providing professional courses and holistic masterclasses to musicians, practitioners, and artists from across the globe. The Exhale is unique in its holistic approach to music education. Our range of classes encapsulate a diversity of subjects not offered on one single platform anywhere else. The Exhale redesigns how music is taught and practiced by exploring a broad variety of topics that cover all aspects of musical education. Our curriculum goes much further than learning an instrument, improving technique and studying repertoire. It also addresses the wellbeing of musicians. We teach musicians how to care for their bodies and their minds as well as how to manage self-doubt and injury. We tackle performance anxiety, diet, breathing and freedom of movement. The Exhale offers something for everyone and meets musicians at any level. Additionally, we provide the chance to work with internationally-acclaimed musicians and artists from all over the world to whom access would normally be more difficult, if not impossible.

My project is special because ...

We believe The Exhale has the potential to deliver our unique music curriculum worldwide, both online and face to face. We want to be a source of learning and support, providing a community hub for aspiring musicians everywhere. We are halfway there. We have collected an outstanding faculty and have built a bespoke website. We have a large and loyal audience. We are very proud of our beginnings: we are self-funded, relying heavily on artists and volunteer helpers donating their time and skill. Your input will help us develop our infrastructure to enable us to move to the next level, and to be a source of inspiration and support for an ever-growing community of musicians.

Currently the majority of our audience members are in Europe and America. We would like to expand our community base to include Asia and Australasia and be able to utilise the potential of our website to engage users 24 hours a day. We also want to develop the diversity of our curriculum to reflect these new audiences. The way we employ our artists means that we have an unlimited resource of intellectual minds. We want to develop our website to enable complex membership subscription. This will allow us to consolidate the ethos of our community. We want to be able to offer more free classes to those who find themselves in hardship. We want to offer a safe space where people can… exhale.

This is what I need backing for:

  • To maintain our momentum, grow our staff, and remunerate our team with industry rates, rather than relying on donated time and goodwill.
  • To continue to develop classes and sessions with some of the world’s leading experts on subjects not readily available under one roof anywhere else and offer them at affordable prices.
  • To increase content by prioritising the development of new material.
  • To build a complex membership and subscription facility on our website to enable us the stability to keep giving.
  • To expand our programme to include face-to-face workshops and achieve our initial intention of providing live experiences.