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What is Transoceanic?

Almost autobiographical in nature, Transoceanic features works that represent my artistic intentions; works that have marked my life as an artist and even on a personal level. Transoceanic is also an amalgam of the different styles, cultures and forms of expression that we have accumulated through the ages – tracing a line from the late 18th century through the 20th and into the 21st.

I wanted to make a spontaneous sounding record that represented several aspects of my life from the moment I started playing piano until the day the recording took place. Most of my musical interests are summed up in this recording, and it is an honest expression of my views as a pianist, musician and artist.


Who is involved?

  • Producer and sound engineer Paweł Przezwański
  • Producer Marta Gardolińska
  • Visual artist Josh Graham

The Music

The pieces that form Transoceanic are:

  • Carl Philip Emanuel Bach – Fantasia in F, Wq.59, No.5 (1785)
  • Nikolet Burzyńska – Misty Reflections (2015)
  • Olivier Messiaen – Le baiser de l’Enfant Jésus (1944)
  • Federico Ruiz – Tropical Triptych (1995)
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Why I ask for your support

I have already covered the studio expenses out of my own funds,and with this campaign I hope to raise the EUR 8’500 needed to complete the production costs. Any amount exceeding this will be invested in additional video production and a new recording project that is already in its planning stages.

I still need to finance:

  • Mixing and mastering
  • CD and booklet design
  • Photography
  • Printing 1000 CD’s
  • Release of the CD
  • Promotional campaign

About me

I was born in Venezuela, and have now lived as a pianist in Vienna for over five years. I have been playing the piano for longer than I can remember, so the love of music has always been a part of my life. I am in constant dialogue with other musicians & composers because I feel that our art is about communication, not only with the audience but between us music makers. Music is alive, and for that reason must constantly be changing, evolving, speaking. I am a firm advocate for eclecticism, committed to exploring new music and its interaction with our past as well as with our present.


Risks and Challenges

All the plans for Transoceanic are going according to schedule.
By now, the only risk would be a delay in shipping out all rewards, but releasing everything by early August 2017 gives me enough time to get everything ready and delivered to you.