A place where dreams come true...

The UFERBOX + is an artistic and cultural hub on the famous Holzpark Klybeck ground at the port. We are a non-profit association consisting of a funny mix of art education experts, social workers, artists, and cultural enthusiasts… Our goal is to give any idea and creative project a room and a platform, by entertaining the art workshop where creating, building and sculpting anything is possible. We offer our technical know-how and offer the chance to exhibit, perform or experiment with your idea.

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What is your dream?

The Uferbox+ is a little paradise… Why, you ask? Because the Uferbox+ is open,- for everybody and anything! There is no idea too weird, too forward, too hairy or too difficult! Together, the impossible becomes possible: from a hut-cinema to a crab-mask, from an affordable atelier-space to the graffiti-wall-of-fame for students… what do you want to do? The Uferbox+ could also become your little paradise!

Help! The Uferbox+ is freezing!

The UFERBOX+ needs to be wrapped up warm! It gets so cold in winter, that no only our hands, but also our projects freeze! Why? We need to isolate our buildings. We want a professional and ecological isolation to enable all year round access to this amazing place. We will then be able to double our cultural commitment and create a space for your ideas in winter. Your contribution will help us get there. Let’s do it together and you will be rewarded with awesome gifts!