Dear fans! The recordings for my new album 3SECRETS are just about good to go! It’s very exciting because I’ll soon be able to present you my creative work, and I am lucky enough to have the support of more than 25 incredible artists, a 40-strong women’s choir and countless other creative spirits!

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12 Tracks on 2 colored disks

3 SECRETS, 3 elements: fire, water, air 3 musical poles and formation: Jazz, Balkan and vocal music on 2 vinyl records - one red, one blue - enveloped by an artistically designed cover. Of course, the album will also be released as CD and to download.

3 SECRETS is made up of 12 tracks, of which eight are self-compositions, two are arrangements of traditional Balkan songs, and two are compositions by the band «who man dog» (Raphael Meinhart, Jörg Haberl)

On the red record you’ll hear a mix of fire and earth. Fiery African rhythms and Balkan sounds in Zawinul-style are grounded by a beautiful old Balkan song and accompanied by a string orchestra.

The blue record will exclusively feature new compositions of my own. In the jazzy pieces I reflect on the subjects of love, life, and experiences. It’s about letting go, swimming in the water of life and floating in the air.

The first recordings took place in the beautiful Florentinersaal in the Palais Meran in Graz, accompanied by Sandy Lopičić on the piano, Milan Nikolić on the contrabass and a fine, small, multicultural orchestra: Boris Mihaljčic, Michael Dulkhnych, Ivanilla Lultcheva, Avanaz Hassani, Feliks Harutyunyan, Ruei -Cheng Lin, Miona Vujović and Balazs Danko.After recordings at the RSL studio in Novo Mesto, Slovenia with the fantastic «who man dog»: Raphael Meinhart, Jörg Haberl, Stefan Padinger and the incomparable Sašenko Prolić we went on to the Wavegarden studio, with Werner Radzik, Milan Nikolić, Pedja Milutinović, Martin Harms, Luka Ignjatović, Nikola Vuković.

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This is what I need backing for.

In order to successfully complete this ambitious project, we need your support! Become part of this great creative jigsaw in which you order a hand-signed record in limited edition, CDs or even a unique private concert in your living room or garden! Immediately after the release of the album in November, we will send you the original recordings.

Only with your support can we raise the funds needed for studios, travel expenses and fees of the numerous artists involved, as well as the pressing and printing of the records.

In return, what you’ll get is a unique record full of wonderful music and the certainty that you are an essential part of this complete work of art and, of course, our infinite gratitude for your help!

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