Vienna’s leading and loveable (at least our mums say so) English-speaking publication, Vienna Würstelstand will launch Austria’s 1st English-speaking video channel, vienna senf, starring Vienna.

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We at Vienna Würstelstand create and publish content daily to help people make the most out Vienna…and life. We’ve noticed that thousands of people seem to like what we do, so we thought we’d do more of the same for them. However, now we want to take it to the next level and make loveable content in the powerful medium of video.

This channel will inspire, make you laugh, and perhaps go ’awwwww’ on occasion. It will also become another thing you love about living in Vienna.

vienna senf, Vienna's 1st ever English-speaking video channel... starring Vienna

This isn’t just any kind of online video channel we’re looking to create. The rollout of the new fun and fresh channel will make Vienna Würstelstand the first digital magazine in Vienna to move into making regular video content, starring Vienna.

We want to make video series about our beloved city that are different: that take our community into the hidden gems of the city with a camera, having them meeting and getting inspired by the incredible and extraordinary people Vienna has living in its midst.

Not only will the video content lead people to discover super cool experiences in the city, but it will also tell the stories of the city and its unique inhabitants. And by ’inhabitants,’ we mean we’ll be telling the stories of EVERYBODY living here, from the Wiener originals to those who have adopted the city as home.

We have a bunch of ideas for what kind of series we’ll program on this fresh and fun video channel, vienna senf:

  • Female as F***: a series that will put the camera on the incredible women changing and creating things in Vienna
  • Foodship: a series in which friendship is made over food. With Foodship, we’ll take you into the super secret insider food and drink spots of Vienna and introduce you to the amazing experiences that can be had there.
  • Kleiner Brauner kick: a bunch of very short, funny and inspiring videos that you can have with your morning coffee.
  • Locals doing Leiwand things in Vienna: a series in which conversations with creatives of the city will literally go anywhere.
  • Vienna Explained: a series in which we look at the weird and wonderful quirks of Vienna, and try to explain them.
  • This is Vienna: a series in which we explore and discover the many experiences to be had in Vienna
  • Kaffee & Küchen with Vienna’s veterans: a series in which we sit down with the Omas and Opas of Vienna over a serving of Kaffee & Kuchen and talk life.

Why we need your help to create vienna senf...

So, here’s the thing: creative and talented people are needed, along with equipment, to produce video content. Both of these things cost money.

All of the funds raised in this crowdfunding campaign will be directly invested into the production of vienna senf episodes that will run throughout the 2nd half of 2018/beginning of 2019, on a weekly basis.

Every crowdfunder will have the opportunity to tell us what they want to see on the channel, because we aim to make a fresh and fun video channel that our community loves.