«We Are One» New Album

by Claire-Lyse von Dach

Lausanne and Lausanne

Claire-Lyse von Dach is pleased to present you the project of her new 12 tracks celtic-shamanic album entitled «We Are One», which should be released at the end of 2020.

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Crowdfunding - Album «We Are One»

Hi everyone,

My heart is set on presenting you in a few words and with the help of some audio samples the arrival of my upcoming album : «WE ARE ONE». We Are One, title and theme of the album, referring to the Unity Consciousness, to our connexion to all the Living, all the Creation.

It’s a bit hard to define a specific music style. However, what would best sum up the different atmospheres of the 12 songs that will be found on the album, is a «celtic-shamanic» album. And so, I invite you to quickly dive into the discovery of a dreamlike, fairy, celtic universe… Let your soul speak to you and may those few samples vibrate through your whole being.

Picture by Vincent Triponez - 2020
Picture by Vincent Triponez - 2020

The album process and some details

This album was recorded at the Studio 52.9 in Lausanne, Switzerland, with the help of Vincent Triponez. We have been working on the album for months, and several talented musicians participated and came to share in this experience with us. Until now, all the work we’ve done and all the partnerships we’ve made (which includes studio recordings, paying the musicians, and much more) have been self-funded. Now, and in order to get to the end of the process, we need to finish mixing and mastering the album, complete the design and cover with the graphic designer, and send everything for duplication. And to top it all off, the shooting and editing of a videoclip of one of the songs.

Here is a short listing of all costs relating to the album, so you can have an idea of the total expenses. They cover everything from recording, to the physical printing of a 12+1 bonus track album, topped with the shooting of a videoclip that will accompany the release of this album.

This is the list of the various costs relating to the production of the album «WE ARE ONE».

  • Studio (recordings, production, mixing and mastering) : 6’000.-
  • Artists fees and transportation costs (for cello, violon, celtic flutes, bodhrán, shamanic drums, didgeridoo, acoustic guitar, bass, piano, percussions, crystal harp and choir) : 1’500.-
  • Graphic designer : 900.- Euros (~1’000.-)
  • Pressing : 2’000.- Euros (~2200.-)
  • Video clip : 1’500.-
  • Total cost : 12’200.-

Expected minimum funding through the platform : 3’500.-

Picture by Pascal Knecht - 2020
Picture by Pascal Knecht - 2020

Your support is really appreciated

This is why I ask for your participation, on this crowdfunding platform, in order to help me fund the last steps leading to the creation of this new album, which I hope to see released by the end of the year 2020.

So, in order to help this project, you can find various reward tiers for your participation, ranging from getting a physical or digital copy of the album, to a private show in the comfort of your own home or some bigger live concerts, but also rewards oriented towards personal development, whether it be the recording of an intuitive healing song, skype sessions, meditations, and so on…

Should you have any questions or ideas regarding live shows opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact me through social media or by e-mail at : clairelyse.music@gmail.com

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your participation, your attention, your donations, and I look forward to sharing all the treasures of this album with you.

With Love and Gratitude, Claire-Lyse

  • WE ARE ONE – #bethechange #bethelight #weareone
  • Picture by Pascal Knecht - 2020
    Picture by Pascal Knecht - 2020
  • Picture by Pascal Knecht - 2020
    Picture by Pascal Knecht - 2020
  • Picture by Pascal Knecht - 2020
    Picture by Pascal Knecht - 2020