LoveRelationShit needs a Website

We are Bas & Priska and we have a dream!

The dream of our own business, where we support singles and couples on their way to more fulfilling and conscious LoveRelationShips.

To kickstart this dream, we desperately need a professional website, where we can share our work and run our online business.

Therefore we would be forever grateful if you also believe in what we want to share with the world and support us by funding a homebase for LoveRelationShit.

Many thanks, merci so vilmal, dank je wel

Priska and Bas

The LoveStory behind LoveRelationShit

In this video we want you to get to know who we are, how we got together and why we choose for our truth, each and every day, to create abundance and love… and to put all our shared experiences and beliefs into LoveRelationShit.


Who we are

PRISKA: Life coach, actress, professional dreamer, heart follower. Priska Baumann is all of that.

She writes Love, Truth, and Freedom in capital letters. Because that is what she wholeheartedly stands for. That is who she truly is. A natural authority in her field: passionately supporting women in unfolding their greatest potential.

She is the founder and creator of Priska Baumann SoulFreedom, where she offers online Life Group Coaching Programs (Sheroes – Women of Freedom) and individual coaching sessions.

Priska is fascinated, always has been, by emotions and stories. She is a hardcore lover of myths and legends, archetypes and magic and has the ability to bring the wisdom of these stories into daily life.

Priska has an innate sense of beauty, harmony, and compassion, a deep understanding of people and their needs. When it comes down to communication, she often easily can read between the lines. She feels it as her responsibility to step up, break away from the status quo and inspire those around her. A true humanitarian.

BAS: Life coach, teacher for children with special needs, shaman, author, and healer.

The father of two is the epitome of a life-loving huMAN, who is happiest when connecting deeply with mother nature and embracing all her secrets – the light and the dark ones. He is familiar with every whisper of the willow-tree and sings second voice to the muttering song of the nearby flowing creek.

Bas is an extremely creative and natural born leader, who inspires people wherever he goes, by just living, breathing and speaking his truth with a wide open heart.

His ability to see people in their true nature is one of his greatest gifts. He looks behind the veil and is never afraid to name his discoveries.

The big loving heart, his ability to love abundantly and letting everyone feel safe in his presence, gives his clients the ability to fully open up and show themselves.

As a sucker for old stories and mythologies, he knows how to connect ancient wisdom, with the nowaday world (- needed as a teacher for teenagers) and dances the dance between the worlds like no one else.