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Pain relief, relaxation, slimming, anti aging. Feeling good all year long in Lausanne!

. The best wellness facilities in one place

. The cold that relieves, tones and keeps you fit

. The shiver that firms and makes you lose weight

. Infrared that purifies, soothes and makes you light

. The water that carries and calms your spirits

. Relaxation for a better slumber

. Resourcing in a private and calm space

Below, the video made by two young Wellness / Health bloggers in WellnessMe Montreux

Unique, global well-being in the center of Lausanne

At the end of 2015, WellnessMe introduced Whole Body Cryotherapy in Switzerland. Many clients appreciate the care routine and incorporate the different services offered to suit them into their lifestyle. Business leaders, employees, top athletes or amateurs, overworked parents, all our customers appreciate the same things : listening, variety and complementarity of highly personalised care, the pleasure of relaxing in peace and breathing as long as necessary at a time that suits them. Some come to recharge their energy up to twice a week. They quickly understand the benefit of maintaining their well-being all year long.

In 2018, WellnessMe wants to transfer its activities from Montreux to Lausanne and complete the existing equipments with the Floatation Tank, for its well known effects on appeasement and the reduction of pain.

The invaluable privilege of Time and Space.

In the center of Lausanne, rue Grand-Saint-Jean 5, or entrance by the Grand Pont Lane, next to the Luncheonette restaurant and close to Manor, major banks and insurance companies, transport (Flon) and parking (Place Centrale, Rôtillon). Opening scheduled on March 1, 2018, 7d / 7 by appointment.

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Transfer WellnessMe to Lausanne

  • With CHF 55’000.- We cover the costs of implementation, the first development work and the installation of equipments(1) in Lausanne. Your support will accelerate the revival of the activity, which our many customers - existing and future - are pressing for. Well yes, we quickly get used to well-being near home!

  • With CHF 120’000.- We can quickly integrate Floatation, the waterbed and its salt wall (a favourite of our customers) and offer an even warmer decoration for a more intense appeasement.

You have plenty of time to use your package, one or more times without a deadline, and can share it with your family or friends, so stock up for long months of fullness and receive up to 60% additional benefits … Offers can only be purchased during the crowdfunding!


(1) Please note that Aquabikes may not follow to Lausanne