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This is what it's all about.

Nepal has a problem of underfunding public schools. Public school children do not receive quality education and sometimes take up to 10 years to finish primary school. In addition, the school is compulsory until 11 years only. This makes access to higher education difficult. Our project White Knight, an association created by 5 students, aims to help disadvantaged children in Nepal. We want to do this by financing them with quality education that opens doors to higher education and thus to the world of work.

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My project is special because ...

«Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. This sentence from Nelson Mandela sounds again and more than ever by his truth. A child who receives an education has the opportunity to change his life. In Nepal, not all children are so lucky. If the right to education has been enshrined in the constitution since 1951, nearly 40% of the population is illiterate, largely because of poverty. Without your support, children Nepali people have no chance of escaping! White Knight Project is the result of the engagement of five students from the University of Geneva for the right to education since 2017. Aware of the needs of Nepali children, they have associated with the NGO HOPAD in order to finance the annual tuition fees of 22 children of Lalitpur, in the Kathmandu valley, supported by the association. To act, they need of your donations. To give these children the chance to receive an education and build a future, your commitment is necessary. Tuition fees, which are relatively expensive, can not generally not be supported by the poorest urban families, let alone by rural families. In many cases, only the older boys go to school; girls are rarely. Without you, the situation can not evolve.

This is what I need backing for.

How to act? It’s simple. The White Knight Project Association uses your donations and your generosity. Several options are available to you : • Sponsor a child: take care of him by giving him a year of schooling with a donation $ 200. • Sponsor a school: make a financial contribution to improving school structures at school Nepal to make educational spaces for all children. • Get involved as a volunteer and help change a child’s future. • Make a donation: even the smallest contribution will help change the life of 22 Nepali children, by promoting their access to education. The future of these children is now in your hands! Make a donation to give them access to education and enable them to build their future. Thanks to you, they will be able to change their world and be masters of their destiny!