Sustainable school building for Newill academy, Koforidua, which was operated in overcowded metal huts and provides the only option for primary school education for the children in need of the region.

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Clôturé avec succès le 22.7.2019

construction in progress

This year, the development of the Newill Academy is coming to a milestone as construction has reached its top level. Over the past few years, little by little during the school holidays we have completed 7 classrooms and a library room, which are already in use in their semi- finished state, providing sufficient space for the nearly 200 students. Without our generous supporters and enthusiastic volunteers we would not be able to accomplish this. For our students, the institution is the only option for primary school education, as there is no public institution within reach and private market-based private schools are unaffordable for them.

four classrooms are still to be completed

Only the 4 classrooms of the top floor left and finally we can get a roof on the building! Our 10 volunteers from 4 countries are already excited about the starting in July. We also need your support! We still need to buy cement, reinforcing iron, screws and some hand tools, also we need to rent concrete mixer and concrete compactor to complete our goals this year. Every little donation makes a big difference!

support us!

Of course, we will be grateful. Our sponsors will be informed first-hand about the progress and will be rewarded with a handmade postcard, a t-shirt, or a small surprise (depending on the amount of the donation). Support us to make a change!