10 years of Thomas Jakobson

by Thomas Jakobson


Thomas Jakobson celebrates its big anniversary in summer 2024. By pre-ordering the new collection, you can support the anniversary, the new website & the new business strategy. Let's go!

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This is what it's all about.

Thomas Jakobson is 10 years old this year. The sock label, which grew out of Thomas Gfeller’s bachelor’s thesis, is celebrating a milestone birthday. To mark the anniversary, Thomas Jakobson is launching a large anniversary collection consisting of 13 colorful socks. The designs and patterns for the collection were created while going through the last 10 years. Some designs have been lying dormant in the designer’s archive for several years, while others are being reissued or produced in new, improved versions and technically flawless workmanship.

In summer 2024, Thomas Jakobson will be given a new lease of life. After 10 years, designer Thomas Gfeller has decided to join forces and work 100% for his company. The anniversary marks a new start and the adventure of «colorful, sustainable socks» will be lived once again. In recent years, Thomas Gfeller has been working for other companies, teaching as a primary school teacher or concentrating on family life. Too many distractions to keep the sock business running smoothly. From August 2024, this will now change and the focus will be entirely on the business.

As part of the relaunch, a new website will be launched and the store and website will be merged and unified. New payment options, a reduced, clear design and a simpler backend are being developed.

  • HARI socks 2014 - 2024
    HARI socks 2014 - 2024
  • JULI socks 2014 - 2024
    JULI socks 2014 - 2024
  • JUNI socks
    JUNI socks
  • DILA socks
    DILA socks
  • DAJAN socks
    DAJAN socks
  • ILAY socks
    ILAY socks
  • INDRA socks
    INDRA socks
  • IRIS socks
    IRIS socks
  • RAHA socks
    RAHA socks
  • RINO socks
    RINO socks
  • TERA socks
    TERA socks
  • TABLO socks
    TABLO socks
  • TOMI socks
    TOMI socks
  • Washi Tapes Thomas Jakobson 2024
    Washi Tapes Thomas Jakobson 2024

New strategy

In the coming months, Thomas Jakobson will be focusing on the «business to business» model alongside his fashionable sock collections. He develops subtle and sustainable designs for companies, organizations, bands, musicians and associations. Thomas Jakobson has been designing and producing socks for various companies and bands for several years. Without ever having actively sought them out, Thomas Gfeller has received orders and been able to expand his traditional business. With the new start, the focus is now on these orders.

Customer gifts and corporate gifts are often boring and simple. Companies take their logo, their slogan and place it on an interchangeable product. The product fits the company and may even be of high quality. But probably not, as it has to be produced cheaply and in large quantities.

The customer or employee receives the gift and is superficially delighted. At home, however, he/she throws the gift away, puts it in a corner and lets it gather dust. He/she doesn’t really wear/use it because he/she doesn’t want to use a product with the company logo.

In this way, a lot of money, energy, false emotions and manufactured goods are wasted. Durability, enjoyment and sustainability suffer.

Thomas Jakobson is rethinking this idea of customer gifts / corporate gifts:

Thomas Jakobson wants to awaken customer gifts / corporate gifts / merchandise items through design so that they have a longer life, are more appreciated and, above all, are actually used. No waste of resources, money, time and emotions. The subtle use of company colors, values and beliefs creates items that are more appealing to everyone and represent the company. The company, club or band is represented even more with the products created, remains in people’s minds and is represented by the subtle design in such a way that the good reputation is remembered by customers.

  • B2B: socks for Marti AG, Bauunternehmung
    B2B: socks for Marti AG, Bauunternehmung
  • B2B: socks for the band Black Sea DAHU
    B2B: socks for the band Black Sea DAHU
  • B2B: socks for JungvonMatt / Limmat
    B2B: socks for JungvonMatt / Limmat
  • B2B: socks for Marti AG, Bauunternehmung
    B2B: socks for Marti AG, Bauunternehmung
  • B2B: socks for socialdesign AG
    B2B: socks for socialdesign AG

New colletion - new start

Thomas Jakobson needs support for the development of the new website, the establishment and organization of the new business branch, as well as the production of the anniversary collection. Thomas Gfeller needs the support of his community so that the new company «Thomas Jakobson» can take off from August. The socks and matching products can now be pre-ordered. With every pre-order, you enable Thomas Jakobson to come one step closer to realizing his plan.

  • Anniversary t-shirt DILA back
    Anniversary t-shirt DILA back
  • Anniversary t-shirt DILA front
    Anniversary t-shirt DILA front
  • Anniversary t-shirt DILA front
    Anniversary t-shirt DILA front