Let’s plant 2’020 trees in Switzerland in 2020

Trees are magical! They purify the air, filter water, enrich biodiversity, support our communities and act against global warming! We can act in 2020 and do something for the environment in our Swiss forests, landscapes and cities. Our trees are impacted by global warming: heat, drought and devastating insects. According to forestry experts, certain varieties need to be replaced in order to diversify our forests and adapt to change.

Moreover, based on the concept of agroforestry, trees have a positive impact on the agricultural production ecosystem, they have the power to boost Swiss agriculture and to support our local producers.

Help us to plant and protect 2’020 trees this year.

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Course of the project

The trees will be planted in the forest this fall 2020. The species is selected by forestry experts according to the region and global warming for optimal impact. We have already found places in forests, among Swiss farmers and cities. We are planting in the canton of Vaud, Fribourg and Bern.

You will receive a certificate with your name by e-mail (each tree is listed and certified). We will also add a notebook with solutions to reduce our footprint.

You will then receive the exact location of your tree and the opportunity to download an application to follow your tree, measure its impact, visit it virtually and share it around you.

Special for this campaign: we offer you the possibility to come and plant your tree with us, a small planting ceremony during one afternoon!


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A gift for our planet

Your gesture would be really useful for the planet and our future.

The environmental impact is powerful thanks to the benefits of responsible tree planting. As our concept is based on social reforestation, the social impact is positive for everyone because we include during the planting, the population, schools and seniors. In this way, we all get closer to nature and the quality of life in our communities is improved.

With your contribution, we will plant the trees this fall and develop this project further (community, impact and tracking technology). This will allow us to start planting the trees and to deploy the project in 2 stages:

  • This crowdfunding campaign in order to plant the first thousand trees and more based on collective contributions.
  • The Almighty Tree startup’s project will be boosted by this campaign to reach up to 2,020 new plants by the end of 2020. We also take care of it in the first years so that the trees grow optimally. They will absorb more than 520 tonnes of C02, equivalent to 2 million kilometres by car, 3 million by plane and 80 million by train for one person.

This project inspires to evolve, raise awareness and bring together thousands of people and companies to act against global warming with concrete actions. This sustainable concept will continue to develop in Switzerland and abroad in order to create a community and involve as many players as possible. In addition, the technology we are developing will make it possible to measure the impact of each gesture on the environment. Thus, with the help of a label and protocols, we rely on transparency and auditing to deal with greenwashing.

Yes, making a gesture for nature with trees so magical and beneficial, it’s great! But we also need to greatly reduce our carbon footprint. Thus, our main mission is to raise awareness and provide solutions to reduce the impact of individuals and companies in order to build a better world.