2nd Album – Terra Nostra

by carcrashweather


We are car crash weather and are raising funds for our almost finished second album. With your support, you're helping us with the production of CDs, vinyl, videoclip, stage show and shirts.

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 4/4/2023

Our second album

After five years we are finally ready to present you our new album:

«Terra Nostra» will be released on April 22, Earth Day.

We have chosen an almost complete Do-It-Ourselves approach this time and have recorded the songs in studio quality in our band room. This gave us the time and freedom to fully concentrate on songwriting and working on all the small details of each song. Mahmoud Kattan from Mammoth Audio Engineering provided technical support and mixed our album. Our album was mastered by Eleven Mastering.

On our last meters before the release we need your support!

  • album artwork
    album artwork
  • hand-drawn

Why do we need your support?

We have already finished recording our songs. They are mixed and mastered. Also a video for our first single is in the making.

Wherever possible the working items (recordings, album concept, artwork, social media campaign) were carried out and paid by ourselves.

With your support you are enabling us to produce CDs, vinyl, and t-shirts. And for the video clip of the single «The Servant» we would like to pay the professional performer a fair compensation. If there is anything left over after that, we’ll put it into our new stage show.

cost cake
cost cake

Here we go!

We have exactly 30 days to raise at least 4000 CHF. If we don’t reach the fundraising goal, the crowdfunding will fail and we won’t get any money - and you won’t receive your rewards.

We hope that this is not going to happen and we have put a lot of effort into offering you attractive goodies for every budget:

There are classics like a CD, a T-shirt or a record - and of course tickets for our release show in June 2023.

Or a culinary treat with tapas and wine.

And then also some fancy goodies - strictly limited, but check it out yourself.

Of course it’s always good for your karma to support a small band in a niche genre :-)

We thank you already for all your support!

Here is the link to our debut album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TM7uEuAZLho

Das sind wir
Das sind wir