This year, the Center of photography Geneva (CPG) celebrates its 30th anniversary. We will have a party for this occasion on November 26th, 2014.

Why you should support this project

  • The CPG needs your support to further develop its activities and its future exhibition projects.
  • Hence, we are organizing a Tombola with about a hundred of artworks by the artists exhibited at the the CPG since 2001 to win.
  • All the artworks will be shown in an exhibition at the CPG for this event! We will celebrate with a live dj set and drinks.

By supporting this event, you will get

  • Tombola tickets with more than a hundred of artworks to win.
  • Exclusive artists books and original photograph editions.
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More than 100 participating artists / More than 130 artworks to win

Tombola drawing lots on Wednesday 26th November 2014 at 8pm. The price for one ticket is CHF 20. More than 130 artworks to win. 1 chance out of 6 to win. A copy of the Tombola numbered ticket will be sent via email and the original named voucher will be kept at the CPG. The lots can be collected from November 28th, 2014. Winners’ list available on the website. No returns or exchanges.

Evening timetable

  • 19.00 Cocktail
  • 20.00 Tombola drawing lots
  • 21.00 Diner and Auction at the Café des Bains (on reservation, CHF 80.-/person). A dozen of artworks of Swiss and international artists, including : Silvie Defraoui, Sylvie Fleury, Fabrice Gygi, Carsten Höller, Gianni Motti, Olivier Mosset, Alain Séchas, Jeff Wall and more.
  • 21.00/02.00 Live dj set & Drinks at the CPG

About CPG

The Center of photography Geneva (CPG) was founded in 1984. It is designed as a research laboratory of new ways to think and show Photography contextualized in all fields of contemporary society. Particular emphasis is placed on innovation. Every year, the CPG shows around 4 to 7 monographic or thematic exhibitions, including one outdoor exhibition, and edits around two photography books with its own editions «Centre de la photographie Genève», published by «Les Presses du réel». Since 2003, the CPG organizes the photography triennial «50JPG» (50 days for photography in Geneva).

The complete list of participating artists to the Tombola is on the website www.centrephotogeneve.ch

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